Friday, July 19, 2013

So I've mentioned more than once that 13 is my lucky number...

If I recall, I was even stoked about this year being 2013. And never...occurred to me to post my first book ever all by myself "Lucky 13".

That's a big fat duh, isn't it? ;)

Now that our year is officially more than half over, it is finally occurring to me. Here you go. A flashback. Is The Doctor here? This is true time first book ever. Put out in 2009. Man, that seems like eons ago, to be honest:

Lucky Thirteen by Sommer Marsden 

Couples, three ways, hook-ups, masturbation that might end in death - today’s sex scene is anything but boring. From a man who meets his fantasy woman for some “light bondage” to the escapades of a sex toy selling sexpert. It’s all here and then some.

Sommer Marsden has assembled some of her finest. A three way with the boss from hell, a hook up that’s only supposed to last one night but turns into so much more. Featuring some of the author’s favorites such as: She Looked Good In Ribbons, Underpass and Pause - Lucky 13 brings you a baker’s dozen of filthy tales to satisfy every naughty urge.

And a few of the kind words spoken about my virgin voyage:

"Baby, this one is hot, hot, hot!(A) sizzling collection of stories-filled with all the wholesome goodness that erotica has to offer. There are ample descriptions of emotions and sensations that make the graphic sex scenes more vivid for the best vicarious joyride. There are also some unexpectedly tender and even heartwarming moments in the more romantic stories. All in all, this one is too much of a good thing and I'm giving this one two thumbs up." -MRS. GIGGLES - 90/100!

"Ms. Marsden truly brings an exquisite collection of erotica to the table with Lucky 13. All thirteen stories left this reader breathless and wanting more..." -Amanda at Manic Readers, 4/5 STARS!

"Sommer Marsden-s skill as an author is in her ability to depict living breathing human beings and make them interesting, exciting and entertaining. The fact that she chooses to write in the erotic genre means that we lucky readers get to see these vibrant individuals enjoying the complexities of a passionate and carnal existence. If you enjoy well written erotica, and you want to get lucky with your choice of reading material, it-s a safe bet to pick Lucky 13." - Ashley Lister, Erotica Revealed

"Lucky 13: Thirteen Tales of Getting Lucky Author Sommer Marsden is a writer I consider to be one of the top storytellers in the erotica genre, and she-s just getting started. She is one I-m watching closely. This collection is 13 of her hits, and highly recommended" - Violet Blue, author

Ta and da. Have a lovely weekend. I hope to come back with news of a GIVEAWAY very soon. Once I can get my act together. It's been a whirlwind week.



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  1. I have this one - I think it was one of the first ones of yours that I purchased in ebook format. But my goal is to own them all in paperback. Assuming I'm allowed to buy any more books - kind of running out of room...


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