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Forget all that other stuff. Justine Elyot is here!

Today I have one of my favorite writers ever. Justine Elyot! She is so talented it makes my head spin. Her stories always pull me in to the point where I forget all the important things I need to do and can only focus on the words she's put down. Good stuff.

Happy long weekend. Let's see about Justine's new release, shall we?


It's appropriate that I'm writing a blog about a self-published book for Sommer,
because she is one of the people who inspired me to take this step. I'd seen her
working to set up her December Ink press, watched with interest the progress of such
books as Wanderlust. I even contributed a story to her down-and-dirty Gritty anthology (read it).

I knew, in short, that it was doable. And nowadays so many stories fall between the
cracks of the publishers' guidelines – both the written and unwritten ones – that self publishing has come into its own. There is great work to be found, if you have the will
to look for it.

That's why I decided to self-publish my novella, Ask No Questions. It's a funny length
and it's a little bit out of my usual zone so I thought I'd try it on Kindle Select. It
isn't doing too badly – the five day free promotion feature has given it a place in my
top 10 selling titles this month, which means I might earn an extra couple of quid in
September. Maybe.

If you want to know a little more about the book, here's the blurb:

Lonely Rhys is too busy with his hill farm to take holidays, but when
he finds a strange girl asleep in his barn, he embarks on a different
kind of holiday - from real life.

In their intense little bubble of pleasure and freedom, neither of
them wants to be the one to break the spell until, one day, external
forces intervene and they are forced to discover exactly who they
are - and what they want.

And…an excerpt:

Rhys didn't much want to get out of bed, but the unexpected break in the
weather combined with Skip's whining and scratching at the door left him little

"Right," he said, sitting up with an effort. "These sheep aren't going to dip
themselves. I need to get on."

"Ohhhh." Kim pouted and tried to pull him back down. "Don't go. It's going to
rain again in a minute, I promise."

"Listen, my little nymphet, sex can wait but sheep can't. I've got to take
advantage of this sunshine. Don't worry. I'll save some of my strength for you."

"You better had."

He kissed her nose.

"What are you going to do?" he asked.

"I'll come out with you."

"All right. What are you going to put on your feet though?"

"Oh. I dunno."

"This is ridiculous. We need to get to town, get you some clothes at least."

"I'm fine, honestly." She grabbed his hand. Her eyes were earnest, and slightly
fearful. "Haven't you got a spare pair of wellies?"

"Yeah. They're size eleven. What are you?"

"Oh. Four."


"I'll just put my old ballet slippers on. They're ruined anyway. Bit of mud
won't make much difference. Oh, don't look like that. I want to come and see you
being all sheep-farmer-y on the hills. One man and his dog. I used to watch that when
I was a kid. Can you do all those special whistles?"

He shook his head, smiling, defeated.

"Come on, then. Get your kit on. My kit, that is. And don't forget – no

Despite his recent exertions, the thought sent an undeniable message to his
groin and he had to put his pants on in a hurry before things got out of hand.

Skip hurled herself at him the minute he opened the door and chased them
down the stairs, snuffling in puzzlement at Kim's thighs so she had to push the dog's
face away.

Rhys frowned disapprovingly at the figure she cut in her silly shoes and bare
legs, his jumper wrapped around her again, but there was nothing to be done about it.

As soon as the rain started again, he was taking her into town for some decent wellies,
though. No two ways about that, whether she liked it or not.

Rhys and Kim are available at Amazon for Kindle:



Thanks for reading! And thanks to Sommer for having me!

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  1. Hey Justine! And howdy Sommer! Justine, your story has be intrigued. A "novel" concept if you will (groan - ok bad joke). But it's one that never would have crossed my mind, and therefore has peaked me.

    Thanks for sharing her Sommer. :D


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