Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The End...

Butt At Bonnaroo

And...I finished. Done. The end. Over. The fat lady has sung. Roll up the carpet. Lock the door. And any other thing that means it's over. I finished my novel today. I started it right after the man was released from the hospital. It feels like I've been writing it for eons.

I'm going to take a little break, maybe write some short stories, or maybe write some nothing, and then move on to next book. Which is banging on the inside of my brain demanding to be let out.

Speaking of my brain, it's very excited because it realized that in one week THIS COMES OUT! Yay! My brain is doing a happy dance. You just can't see it. Because...well, because it's in my head. ;)




  1. It is always a joy to finish something. I know that I don't get it often but it is such a rush. Enjoy it and have fun!

  2. Nice job Sommer. You continually amaze me woman. Congrats. :D


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