Monday, September 23, 2013

All the little pieces...

76/365 - dumb missing last piece
Make me want to drink! Just kidding. Mostly.

I'm not talking about the jigsaw puzzles we've taken to doing recently. They, in fact, have become a little stress reliever for me lately. I used to hate them. I had no patience whatsoever for something like that, but we started doing them shortly after the man began treatment this summer and we're now wrapping up the third puzzle (1,000 piecers).

What I'm referring to is the fractured book I was working on when my computer bit the dust. I had the majority of it saved in the ether. So when my former baby went belly up I began to write a chapter at a time on my iPad. Then I misnamed a chapter. But I forgot and...*gasp*. It's just awful.

Yesterday my mother-in-law brought me a gift. Microsoft Office '13. Um...because "I know you need it for your work" (I was working all seat of my pants in various programs). This is what mothers do, I guess. So today was the big fat stress of installing it. Yes, I know, laugh if you want but it stresses me. Hey, I'm old and I worry to death when I have to do shit like that because I'm certain I'm going to fuck something up and render the whole damn thing useless. The first time we installed Word on a computer, years ago, the man had to wait for me to be asleep to install it so I wouldn't panic and spin out of control. *snort*.

Anyway, I finally got Word '13 installed, proved I was actually me to the fine folks at Microsoft, and was on my way to working when I thought to myself, "Hey, self! You know what would be awesome? To put that whole novel together now that we have Word and then I can begin to proof it tomorrow. The sooner it's proofed, the sooner it can be subbed." My self thought this was a great idea. Until I started to do it.

First I had to email myself the bulk of the book, then I began to go in and paste in chapters from text copies in my email. Um...until chapter 24 where it all fell to shit. I searched, read aloud, tried to piece together this quilt of pages and finally realized I had a document marked "Chapter 24 for real". Ha! End story is I have the book all Frankensteined together and I can begin proofing it (in Word, huzzah!) but God, what a fucked up way to arrive at the finish line. Two nervous breakdowns in one day.

Happy Monday right? Fun fact: the lady at the post office said to me as she handed me my receipt this morning: "Have a good weekend." I laughed, "Wishful thinking?". She laughed too. "Girrrrrrrrl."

Only four more days until the weekend! Girrrrrrrl...



  1. I'm a bit late—because busy as fuck too—but congrats on getting Word 13 gifted and installed, and on Frankensteining your novel back together. It sounds like you have one awesome MIL.

  2. You'd think I was dismantling a bomb! ;)

    I did luck out in the MIL department. My first brief mother-in-law (brief because a) I was married for about 4 seconds and b) becuase she was barely five feet tall) loathed me. And I loathed her. And it's hard to make me loathe someone. Plus, I"m so damn loveable. But there you go, I think the Universe gave me a nice on on the second go round. My MIL (I consider her my only MIL) is one of my bestest friends. I'm a lucky, lucky girl. :)



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