Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fall is coming...

You can see it creeping in around my stone lady. And yes! Now that I am a Whovian I wonder if she'd a weeping angel. Ha! But even is she is, I love her. I have been kinda obsessed with her since we moved into our current house. She lives nearby.

I guess my stone lady finally infiltrated my brain just enough because she is mentioned in the opening of my third Divination Falls book Kiss Me, You Animal. Which will be coming soon!

If you're curious about the DF trilogy books here's the rundown. They're my m/m shifter series and book one is Lion Hearted. Book two is Beast in Me. Book three is...currently kicking my ass. It's ready to be polished up, out and about. Soon!

Happy weekend. I hope your weekend is as lovely, fall-ish, kick ass and productive as mine. I am wearing my new sweatshirt and dorm pants (I swear that's what they're called, I don't understand it) and my feet are cold. MY FEET ARE COLD! How fucking awesome is that?

p.s. pic by moi!

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