Tuesday, September 17, 2013

From the Vault...

On a whim (not really, more due to something Alison Tyler said. She's the angel on my shoulder. Or maybe she's the one dressed in red on the other shoulder. Heh.) I decided to look back in time to see what I'd blogged about two years ago today.

Apparently, I was talking about my short Nothing But the Boots and the term "best selling author". Which is what my publisher called me. Never get used to that.

HERE'S WHAT I SAID. And I can't help but notice that NBTB is now on Amazon.

Flashbacks are exhausting, man. I need some coffee. But for now we're off for a CAT Scan for the man. Fun stuff! Cross your fingers and your toes for us. Even your legs. But not your eyes, please, I'm phobic about that shit.


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