Saturday, September 28, 2013

New stuff is new!

First up is Shameless Behavior which features my story Echo Chamber. Go grab a copy, read it, if you like it...go on make some noise. (That's a joke. You'll get it once you read the story). And might I just say, that is a spect-ass-ular cover! Click the image or go HERE.

Also new, new, new, the paperback edition of Finding Herself which features my novella Inventing Herself. Ta and da! This is one of The Secret Library books that has the flocking on the cover. The books are almost as much fun to hold and stroke as they are to read. *cough* Not that I've ever stroked a book...[lies!]

Just click the image or go HERE.

That's my update. Hope you're having a super duper weekend. We are having lovely fall weather. I'm ready for football tomorrow. And some of that pumpkin pie I made today!



  1. I was at a bookstore on Thursday night and saw - what I think was - the whole Secret Library collection. They - are - beautiful. And yes Sommer, Fixing Herself was there. Unfortunately I had to bugger off to class before I could purchase it. But it feels...sooooo...good. *giggle* I'm not ashamed to admit that *I* stroked it....heheh.

  2. Strokable books? My goodness! If only the internet had a texture setting... Thanks for mentioning Shameless Behavior, Sommer! We are so proud to include your gorgeous "Echo Chamber" in there.


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