Monday, September 30, 2013

Pot Pourri...Bitch

Which translates to...a whole bunch of shit, yo.
First on the roster is...Breaking Bad. Do you watch it? Did you watch it? Oh, my God. Such a good finale in my humble opinion. We were all happy with the ending and how they tied everything up. The man tends to run when me and the minions watch BB. Why? Because it's more like some in depth college psych class than a TV show. We sit and talk off and on about characters, their intentions, their duality, how well they're written, what we think will happen. He just...runs.

Last night, I must give super big kudos to whoever thought to use the final song as the final song. I nearly cried.

Good, good stuff. There! See that. No spoilers at all. Just a final fun fact that we ate Good Bye Breaking Bad cupcakes.

Next up, holy crap! The last time I checked on my book Restless Spirit on Goodreads it had thirty/forty or so reviews/ratings. I went back the other day and um...620! What the hell happened? Well, apparently, it's on Netgalley. So if you Netgalley (see I made that into a verb?), check it out if you can. Someone even made me a killer pull quote 'poster'. It is awesome. You can see all the input on Goodreads.

And finally, chemo brain.

I've noticed that lately when folks come on and comment on my blog, I often answer them in my head but forget to actually do it on the blog. It happens on Twitter and Facebook too. So if you say something to me, and I do not answer, let me assure you that the most likely scenario is...I have answered you. Just not so you can see it!

Bear with me, folks, I was prepared for the man to get chemo brain but not me. However, I seem to have it too. I chalk it up to too much to do, too many plates on poles, too many balls in the air. We start round two of chemo tomorrow, so it will be going on bit longer, but keep talking to me! Because even if I forget to actually type my answer to you, I appreciate your comments and contact (and as always, your support!).

oh p.s.! Don't forget to check in daily to see if there's a stop for the Restricted Release:

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