Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Release Day Rowdiness!

I am feeling like this...

Because this happened...

And now this is available or purchase!

Oh my gosh, I feel like I've been waiting forever. I haven't. Ellora's Cave did a good job getting this book edited (super duper magical editor Julie Naughton) and out. But I wrote this novel two years ago so it feels like an eternity. As you can see, I do not, in any way, corner the market on patience ;)

So there it is and below is a blurb and a link and if you go to the site you can read and excerpt and...gasp! We shall be celebrating tonight. On our budget of nothing at all. But you do not need a budget to celebrate (I just recently realized I pretty much never celebrate my books. What's that about?). So the man is cooking (big deal right now) and the girl made gluten free brownies and we will sit down and raise a toast and I will be all giddy and shit.

The end. :)

Giddy Sommer

Blurb for Restricted Release:

Clara is the recovering anorexic who’s nearly become a shut-in after the end of her emotionally abusive marriage. Matt is the new boy next door. Graphic artist, nice guy, funny…accepting of Clara.  She wants him, he wants her—but Clara is afraid.

Nadia is the stand-in—Matt’s idea, Clara’s challenge to accept. A longtime friend of Matt’s, she’s a sexual surrogate intended to guide Clara until she’s not afraid of Matt’s desire for her or hers for him. Twosomes become threesomes, watching becomes touching and lust becomes love.

When Matt moved in next door, lust was the last thing Clara expected. Two lovers never crossed her mind. And the need to make a choice was something she thought she’d never encounter. But she’s bolder now, healing, and everything has changed. And a choice must be made, no matter how hard.
Inside scoop: Clara’s healing includes a hot woman who wants to show her how desirable she is, as well as f/m/f menag├ęs.

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  1. Doin' the funky chicken with ya and for ya girl! Bought my copy - just waiting for my iPad to charge so I can READ IT!!!

    Shall celebrate whilst raising a bottle for you tonight (of h20 - working on the health issues).

    But the funky chicken counts as cardio right?


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