Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Somebody Stop Me! (But don't)

I'm having way too much fun making little posters and whatnot for my new book Restricted Release on this new computer. Recently I made this (click it, it gets bigger)...

Hey, it's no Willsin Rowe work, but I sure as shit amused myself whilst making it. And isn't that what really matters?

In other news (see that wonderfully smooth segue I just made there?), I was on the phone with Alison Tyler the other day and we were discussing fetishes. Yes, erotic authors really do that. Who knew? Not me! Until...well, until I got on the phone with the likes of Alison Tyler and discussed fetishes. Anyway, she was telling me about some of this looner stuff. Which I admit, I am sadly unlearned on. Or...I was. She told me she'd written a story and promised to look and lo and behold! She did look and found it.

You can read some on her blog right now. Go HERE. And hey, I'll just say you're welcome now because it was my nosiness that made her post it. *buffs nails*

If you dig it, it's just one of 69 dirty tales in her Harlequin collection 69. Which you can get for a pittance by clicking the title.

While I'm at it, I am including some pictures below of gifts I've received in the mail this week. An awesome tee from Miz Angell that I coveted. And a bag of David Lynch signed guess it! DAVID LYNCH from my friends at Eight Stone Press and Leeking Inc.

Oh. Mah. Gott.


There. You are all caught up now. Hope your hump day is extra humpy.


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