Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"a definite keeper and a must read recommendation" (Guest blog, review and GIVEAWAY)

Yay and also woohoo! The second official review for Restricted Release is in. The first was in RT Book Review Magazine last week. The second is hanging out at Illustrious Illusions Reviews which also happens to be a stop on my almost a blog tour blog tour. The nicest bit is below. You know I always have to show off the shiniest snippet ;)

I've been done with the book for a week, and for an avid reader who has already read 5 more books, I can tell you pieces of Restricted Release from memory and that makes this book a definite keeper and a must read recommendation for you.If you head over there I have guest blogged ("So Dirty") and there's a giveaway (winner announced on 10/31). So drop in if you get a moment and read my highly NSFW snippet.


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