Sunday, October 20, 2013

Did you go to Eroticon USA?

Then you should have a ticket. The ticket will have a number. Next to the number is what might seem to you, heh, an odd word. Don't worry! It's your password.

November 1st, I'll be drawing from all the tickets put in conference bags. The winner will get Nadia's scarf (from my book Restricted Release) and the goodie bag down there...

Inside the bag are some books and some tea and some other goodies you can't see. But also included is a ticket for the next Eroticon USA event (it is not physically in the bag, just for the record, it will be supplied at a later date). Ta and da!

If you read Restricted Release you might be saying, "But Nadia's scarf is pink...that's not pink."

I have to be honest, all the pink scarves I found on our various shopping trips looked too bubble gummish. Or worse--Barbie. Definitely not Nadia worthy. So I went with blue to match the book cover. And it's plenty long. In case you wanted to um...reenact any bondage scenes.

What's the word for, you ask? Well, when I draw the number, you simply email me that word and I will be able to verify via my daughter's devilishly devised code book that you are, in fact, you. 


Hope you had fun and hope you'll check back. The winner will have one week to claim the prize. If the prize is not claimed within the week, I'll draw a new number. 


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