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Guest Blogger: Victoria Blisse is Sharing Nicely

Turns out I'm politely negative. Who knew! Learn something new about myself every day. LOL..


The Billionaire Debate.

Thanks for having me over, Sommer. Always love coming to visit.

 I remember some months ago I commented on a post Sommer had made pointing out the plethora of Billionaire books in the wake of THAT book. I remember the tone of the post was somewhat negative, but very polite of course, but negative all the same.

I deflated a tad as I’d just finished and submitted Sharing Nicely to Totally Bound and it features two billionaires. Hot ones, of course.  I had to think, was I cashing in on the popularity of *whispers quickly* Fifty Shades of Grey? Well yeah, I’d be lying if I said no but was that the only reason I wrote Sharing Nicely? That’s a resounding no.

I love the story, the characters and the research thrilled me no end. I got to virtually visit Venice, a place I’ve always wanted to go to. I couldn’t have written Sharing Nicely if I hadn’t felt a connection with it, it might be a story featuring two very rich, dominant men but that’s not the be all and end all of it.

Two hot, sexy billionaires know what they want and they want her, but will they be happy to share nicely?

Kerry Matthews is used to stress—she runs her own high-end London club called Diamonds, but what she isn’t used to is attention from two very persuasive and powerful men.

Darren Bennett and Greg Stamford are life-long rivals, but call a truce to spend one night with sassy, curvy Kerry. They’re not content to share forever though. They both have a selfish desire to possess her completely.

Darren buys her seductive lingerie, flowers and chocolates, Greg flies her to Paris for a romantic break, cleans her flat and makes her breakfast in bed. Both vying to cement their place in her heart. She needs to decide between them but is dazzled by their persuasive personas and extravagant gifts.

Reader Advisory: This book contains a scene of MFM Ménage and some violence.

“So, are you two ready?” he asked. “I’ll get Chester to bring the limo round.”
“We can go in mine,” Darren snapped.
“Oh, don’t start this again.” I shook my head. “Decide nicely or I’ll be getting the damn Tube home.”
If the billionaires could be so abrupt with me, I’d be snappy with them.
“Fine,” Darren shrugged, “but we’re going back to my hotel.”
“Where are you staying?”
While the boys argued amongst themselves I took the date book and locked it away in my desk. I’d filled up a lot of the year and some dates had drifted into the next one. With the business I’d secured I was guaranteed to finish the fiscal year pleasantly in profit. I might even be able to afford a holiday. If I could persuade myself to stay away from Diamonds long enough.
When I walked back over to them the boys were silent.
“So, are we actually ready now?”
Greg reacted first, slipping his arm into mine and smiling.
“Yes, it seems me and Darren are staying at the same hotel.”
“Wonderful,” I smiled, intensely relieved. “Lead the way.”
Darren took hold of my other arm and we strode out together. I wasn’t expecting the barrage of flashing lights and yelled questions that greeted us. I supposed I had been a little naïve. The boys, with the aid of some huge security guards, pushed past the demands and we scooted into the back of a shiny black limousine. The mellow scent of leather filled the interior. Everything sparkled. I felt like we were in a separate car to the driver who was way, way down at the front.
“Are we going to the hotel, sir?” a polite voice asked. It sounded like it came from behind me, which was puzzling until I realised there was some kind of intercom device. Greg reached to the side of the limo and pressed a button.
“Yes, please, Chester.”
I would have liked more space to actually enjoy the ride home but I was crowded by two competing men and so spent my time flipping my gaze from one to the other, answering questions. Both were squeezed up close to me and both seemed determined to seduce me. I found that mind-spinningly crazy.
“What perfume are you wearing?” Darren ducked his head to sniff at my neck. I was very aware of his lips hovering just above my pulse point. I wished he’d kiss me there.
“Oh, I don’t know. Something fruity.” My mind went completely blank.
“You smell good enough to eat.” Darren continued and his lips did touch my skin but only for the briefest second. My whole body tightened at the gentle kiss.
“Your dress is beautiful.” It seemed Greg was not to be outdone—in fact he boldly ran his hand down my body from my shoulder, over my breast and lower. “I love the feel of velvet.”
“Thank you,” I squeaked then cleared my throat. “Thanks, I love velvet too.”
Tension zinged through me, sexual and otherwise. These two guys who  I’d only just met were making me into a battlefield. They were warring to control me.
I wasn’t a woman who enjoyed being mollycoddled. I took decisions, I dived into situations and I expected all of my staff to be respectful to both men and women. I’d reprimanded several for sexism and would go as far as to sack someone if they didn’t change their ways. I should have been appalled by the situation—I wasn’t just a trophy or a business contract. I should have kicked up a fuss and left then and there.
But I didn’t. I liked being the centre of attention. I liked being the prize they both wanted.
I waited for the next move but we pulled up outside the hotel so I had to wait until we exited the car. Again, both men linked arms with me. It was cold outside but apart from the cool breeze on my cheeks I barely felt it because their hard bodies protected me from the elements.
They whisked me across the marble frontage, past the liveried doorman and into a huge reception area. It glittered with prestige and marble. Everything was perfect, neat and tidy. There was nothing overly ornate or showy but you could tell by the purposeful minimalism that this was a very classy place. The kind of place I’d only ever imagined visiting.
We moved across the hall into the bar. Again it was big, shiny but understated. The bar was long and all the staff behind it were in immaculately cut uniforms. They all looked smart and tidy and I looked on with envy. I wished I could get my own staff to look so impressive.
“What would you like to drink?” Darren asked and smirked at Greg.
“I’d love a glass of water, really,” I replied, “I’m so thirsty.”
“I’ll get them to send over some water too, but should we have some champagne? It was a very good night for us all after all.”
Both Darren and Greg had won awards and I was sure they’d both made several deals too as they played the room.
“Yes, why not?” Greg answered before me. “Champagne sounds good.”
When Darren moved away Greg turned to me.
“Look, Kerry, I really would love to spend the night with you but it is killing me to be nice to him.”
“This is you being nice?”
“Exactly.” He almost smiled. I found it surprisingly endearing. “Please can we dump the other guy?”
“No.” I was very firm, it surprised even me. “No, I said I wanted to spend time with you both, so that is what’s going to happen. If you don’t like it, you can leave.”
“God, woman. You’re infuriatingly stubborn.” He growled.
“Now that is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.” I laughed.
Greg sighed. “I’m not used to being told what to do, Kerry. I’m the one in control.”
“I’d noticed, but if you want me, you play by my rules.” It was fun playing him at his own game.
“Oh, I want you.” His growl turned to a gravelly purr. It wasn’t cute, it was the noise of a killer beast merely at rest. Any moment he could pounce and rip me apart. It turned me on. I wriggled in my seat and my damp knickers chafed against my plump lips.
“Then you’ll share nicely.” I leaned in and kissed him. He was shocked, almost as much as I was. His lips were hard and ungiving for a moment—I thought maybe I’d pushed him too far—but then they melted, opened and pushed back and I felt his pent-up arousal running into me. I released my frustrated desire with every move of my lips.

About the Author: 

Victoria Blisse is a Mother, Wife, Christian, Manchester United Fan and Award Winning Erotica Authoress. She is also the editor of several Bigger Briefs collections, and the co-editor of the fabulous Smut Alfresco and Smut in the City and Smut by the Sea Anthologies.

Victoria is also one of the brains behind the fabulous Smut by the Sea Event taking place at Scarborough Library (UK) on the 22nd June 2013. A day dedicated to Erotica with a mini erotic marketplace and lots of Author Readings, Fun Giveaways and Exciting Talks.

She is equally at home behind a laptop or a cooker (She is TEB's Resident "Naked Chef") and she loves to create stories, poems, cakes and biscuits that make people happy. She was born near Manchester, England and her northern English quirkiness shows through in all of her stories.

Passion, love and laughter fill her works, just as they fill her busy life.

You can find often find Victoria procrastinating on Facebook , Twitter  and Pinterest

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