Tuesday, October 15, 2013

more words

(This is a honey pot. Not...that. These are incredibly nice actually. Buy 'em HERE)

Once upon a time I wrote this post. I just read it and it cracked me up. Because it is STILL TRUE! I just had a book come out with a main character named Matthew (Restricted Release). I JUST wrote a short with the name Jason in it. And I still do story echoes. Meaning, I will write a short using a name or now, I've added a new thing, an occupation and then echo that somehow in a longer work.

Hey, more bang for your buck, I guess! (or name or occupation).

But I was driving today thinking there are more words I hate. They are just general words though. Not necessarily dirty words you'd find in erotica. But some are. Here goes:

unctuous (every time they say this on the word on The Cooking Channel I cringe)
roomy (I hear Doctor Lecter in my head when I hear this word. "Was she a big girl? Roomy?")
husky (as an adjective, not the dog. I love the dog!)

honey pot (or a pot of any kind)
boobies (the one exception is the Save the Boobies bracelets for breast cancer awareness. I guess my real issue with boobies is hearing a grown man say the word boobies. Hey, grown men, don't say boobies, m'kay? Good. Thanks.)

There!  As always, I'd love to hear you words so please share in the comments. Must tell you, that you do not see another words I love section here because um...those words are pretty much the same. Said the writer. Shame, shame, shame on me.



  1. This was a post on one of my pet words. http://alisontyler.blogspot.com/2009/08/p-is-for-pet-words.html I am sure I had a list of words I cannot stand, but I can't find it. But one I truly can't take is drool. And one I don't like the sound of (for no reason) is "nests." I don't like the "sts" part. Go figure!


  2. Ok, I love boobies. I can't deny it. Especially this one, for kids: what kind of bees make milk? BOO-bies!

    I'm with you on the rest, though. And I can't stand 'folds' and 'bundle of nerves' and 'peaks' to go back to that erotica pet hate post. Or panties. Hate panties.

  3. AT, you do realize I just said nests aloud like...fifteen times, right? Yeah, thanks for that...
    Jo, I do not mind kids saying boobies. I just have a thing about *men* saying boobies. Unless, it's a joke I guess. It's more a grown man saying it in a way that is supposed to be provacative, I guess. It gives me the shudders ;) I also hate panties! But i'm sort of stuck with it. I can get away with knickers often (they're small, they fit in my pocket while I'm fleeing) but still have to use panties. Underwear is too utilitarian and drawers...half the people wouldn't know what I meant, I think. Lingerie is too vague. LOL. It's a dilemma!


  4. I know it's necessary, but panties just .. .sticks on my tongue somehow. I don't think boobies is sexy, no. God forbid. I wouldn't write it, I promise! Lov the word, though :)


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