Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Nothing Starts the Morning Right Like a Little DP!

I mean Double Posting...what were you thinking, you dirty thing?

Today, on my chaos tour for Restricted Release (see three blogs down), I'm at Victoria Blisse's blog  with some cupcake porn (recipe and everything, folks). Devil's Food, no less. Sinful. I just love her graphic. So, so cute.

Come read my bloggety blog and peruse my cupcakes. My, but that sounds kinky...

And when you're done there, the next chaotic stop is also up (heh, up) at Tenille Brown's blog. There you will hear me wax poetic about the girl crush I never knew I had. Nadia. And you get to meet her. Boy...she's pretty. I bet you agree.

I hope you'll stop in and read. If you feel all wild and crazy, maybe even comment.

We start round two of chemo today so wish us luck!

Happy Tuesday.


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