Friday, October 25, 2013

Speaking of angels...

Weren't you? Oh, sorry. It must have been just me and a few people on Twitter the other day. What with Supernatural all revolving around angels at the mo, they are getting quite a bit of press. Which made me think of this book. That I wrote a million years ago. Okay, 3 1/2 but it feels like a million. Alex Church is not a Castiel wanna be. (Did Cas even exist in 2010? I should know this, I've been with Supernatural from day 1 but the math...she hurts my head) . What Alex Church is is an angel with good intentions, a pretty package and a heavenly libido...

Still hanging around on Ellora's Cave and Kindle and even Nook. And all the other places. How divine!

There you are. A blast from the past is pasted in below the squiggly line. From the original SmutGirl blog no less. May she rest in peace.

p.s. Also one of my most favorite smoking covers evah!

*Posted on 4/16/10 which seems a million years ago...


What? Was there a question? Jesus Pleezus, this is the cover for my book Sensitive that comes out next Friday. Thank you, Syneca who listened to my insane input and rambling about hot men and simplicity and whatnot and presto change-o gave me...Tada! This!

Whew and also, pass me the fan. Here is the blurb. Did I make sense? Did I type in English? Gosh, I hope so. I'm a bit distracted...

Sommer Marsden

What happens when a gorgeous angel is dropped in your lap? If you’re psychic-sensitive Harper Brown, first you assume the guy’s nuts, then you realize he’s not, but you’re too busy trying to undo his belt buckle and feel his pecs to care.

When Alex Church shows up to watch over her—supposedly from heaven—Harper’s flattered. And a bit unnerved. Oh, and super turned on. With the cemetery across the street revving her psychic engine, Harper’s practically vibrating from both psychic and sexual energy.

She should be focusing on aiding needy spirits, but with ready-and-willing Alex by her side, Harper’s a bit distracted trying to discover just how sinful her very own heavenly creature can be.

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  1. YAY! New Sommer stuff!!! I swear I will get those reviews up for ... man there's too many. But I've read them (and loved them) all.


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