Monday, November 11, 2013

Blog Tour Stop: The Big Book of Orgasms edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Blow the horns, ring the bells! It's my day for a blog post and a giveaway for The Big Book of Orgasms edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel.

This book is packed full of dirty little stories that run the gamut. I'm still working my way through in
little bites (and if you're busy like me that's the beauty of a book like this). I can squeeze a story in here and there and in between!

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Below is an excerpt from my story There and below THAT is a giveaway. Click all the buttons (!) and it will tell you what to do so you have a chance to win a paperback copy of TBBOO. Perfect to heat things up since the weather is just getting colder. Hurry and comment for a chance to win!


From There by Sommer Marsden

These stolen fifteen minutes are flying by. I have a mouth full of his cock and his warm pout is latched onto my slick pussy. Breaking free, I gasp, “There!”

I swallow him down, feeling his hips thrust forward just enough to get more friction, not enough to be rude. These lunchtime throw-downs in his van are the stuff legends are made of—hot, dirty, sweet, salty. All the flavors of fucking are represented. I mean, how clich├ęd are we: van sex?

Chad moves his mouth a hair to the left and I moan, the vibration surely shuddering through his body. “There?” He’s teasing me, that ass.

“No, not there. Over. Stop torturing me.”

I feel his finger slip into me, flex in my wet depths, tickle at a tender bundle of nerve endings. My nipples peak, and I touch the tip of his cock with the tip of my tongue so he groans this time.
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  1. *smh* When will I learn not to read tidbits and excerpts at work? Obviously NEVER. Seriously hot stuff there Sommer. I can't wait to read the whole thing - story AND book.

    Mmmmm - van sex.....

  2. Always on the look out for a new book and this looks excellent. Big fan of Rachels so can be sure the rest is just as good.
    Nothing wrong with a quickie in a van :)

  3. Think my favourite short story is one from a previous book called 'What you deserve' by Lori Selke.
    I like stories based on submission.

  4. My favorite sexy short story is Dr. Chloe Burrell, Sex Researcher which is on literotica.
    (Mack here)

  5. I'm Camryn.
    My favorite published erotic story is "Wolfe's Hope" since it introduced me to orgasm denial/control.


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