Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I am thankful...


I promised, while tweeting from the hospital yesterday at chemo, to write this blog. Here goes:

I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. Despite the fact that sometimes you'd have to use a pick ax and a miner's light to suss out that reason. But I digress.

Yesterday was typical chemo day. Lots of beeping in that room, lots of stress as they drew blood, tested the blood (if you fail you don't get treated and God, did that man want to be treated). There was also a surprise snafu where a blood bag did not get hooked into a patient's drip properly and well...blood everywhere. Let's just say that The Lost Boys would have been having appetizers in the chemo bay. Then there were the TVs...

Every patient has a TV. It swings out on an arm so you can put it in front of you to the side or wherever makes you happy. But most people do not want to use the headphones provided. So depending on the person, their age, etc you have various levels of deafening noise. Yesterday, the old man across from us had it so jacked up it was almost in surround sound. Then they brought a woman in on my right and she turned hers on. Not loud, but due to how we were seated, it was directly in my ear. As if I were the one wearing the headphones.

Long story short: I had one TV blaring in one ear and one being funneled directly into the other ear.

Long story shorter: I had to leave.



The man understood. Migraine is migraine is migraine and a migraine-y wife is no good.

Out in the waiting area, I found a nice little niche and got out my Nook and began to read and...

Here comes one of the front desk women with a young girl. Then two security guards. They were all around this girl, information being taken, radios squawking, so I did what writers do in these situations. I eavesdropped.

What I witnessed was humanity at its finest.

I'll nutshell this for you:

This was a young girl, sixteen, who was having some emotional and mental issues. And she had sought help the day before and they sent her home. So instead of just doing as told and possibly, most likely, doing something harmful to herself, she came back.

Wow. Brave. Too many kids cannot do this. They are ashamed or afraid or in this scenario they figured they already tried and that's that.

This kid came back. Came into a strange building. Reached out to strange people and was met with...


Wow. The front desk worker was amazing. Kind, considerate and respectful. I was very much in awe as I watched the two security guards and the front desk lady with this kid. She was treated with the utmost care and love and genuine concern. It was one of those moments where people in helping positions truly get to shine.

They found her mom in a neighboring building, they called in the county, they fed her, they basically formed a protective bubble around this kid--who said that, yes, she did feel as if she might hurt herself--until everything could be handled. And through it all, she was treated with such kindness it made me a little emotional. When the county officers arrived, they continued with exquisite care and kindness.

It would have been very easy to tell her "You're in the wrong building" or "You need to go across the street for  that" or even "I'll call someone from psych". None of that happened. What happened was amazing. And sweet. And highlighted humanity in the most positive way. I hope all of those involved have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I, for one, am thankful that I got to witness them in action.


photo credit: MTSOfan via photopin cc


  1. That is so amazingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. <3

  2. There are times when humanity steps up to the plate and knocks it out of the park. This is one. so glad you were able to witness human beings at their finest.

  3. Thank you. It's good to know that still exists in a world where everyone is so busy and sometimes forget how much of a difference kindness can make.

  4. Damn it. I came here today specifically looking for this. And now I'm bawling my fool eyes out.

    You are stomping all over my Big Bad Dom image, Sommer. :)


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