Saturday, November 23, 2013

My Christmas wish was retro...

I had decided this year if we were able to do Christmas Eve as normal, I wanted to do a little retro Christmas dealio. We've had a nibble of retro the last few years with our Astro Weenie Trees. But I wanted to do more. Maybe dig up some 60s or 70s recipes and put them out.

Today was the yearly bazaar at a nearby church. Every year we go. Every year we find something amazing. And every year we buy our ugly Christmas gift for the kids there (a strange family tradition).

This year, in the book room, I spotted this...

I was drawn by the very ugly nature of the binder itself. Something told me to grab it. I grabbed it. And opened it.

"Oh, it's just an old church cookbook," the man said.

I read the inscription. 1963.

I said to him, "That's where the gold is."

A woman who had been trying to hog the bookshelf of cookbooks all to herself turned to stare daggers at me. I was tempted to say, lady, I've been standing here five minutes and just touched it. You had time...

Instead, I just smiled.

I began to flip through it and my heart leapt. And the retro-loving part of me giggled with glee. It was well worth the cover price of 50cents.

The best part is when we went to pay, the woman in charge of taking money, opened it, looked at it and frowned. She shook her head. "Oh, honey, this is so old and written in and marked up...I'm not going to charge you for it."

So, of course I turned and smiled at that scowling woman again and thanked the check out lady.

As you can see, it's half cookbook, half scrapbook. She's written in recipes, she's added magazine and newspaper recipes. She actually taped some recipes over others. The man said, "Either she didn't like the recipe or the person who had written it." Ha!

Here's a few shots of my treasure. I am so ridiculously happy by this book, I can't even tell you. It's making me look forward to Christmas a little, and up until now, I really wasn't. So I'm grateful for the ugly, little,! book :) Not a page of it went to waste. Honestly, I could upload a shot of every page and you'd see something new, but I'll settle for these~


p.s. Click them to make them bigger!


  1. My most treasured (and most used!) cookbook is a ratty old Church cookbook inherited from my grandmother. My great-grandmother was the driving force behind putting the book together originally, so there's lots of family recipes in there too. It's not quite so old, only from the 80s I think, but still.

  2. I have one from each of my grandmothers. And one from my mother-in-laws church too. They are a treasure of old fashioned, new fangled, short cuts, old school and ethnic recipes from all kinds of different people. Which is so much fun! :) We are cookbook junkies here. I'm willing to wager between the two of us we have a hundred or so and still collect recipes!

  3. Aw, I'm sure she'd be so happy you've inherited it. There's a novel in it somewhere, I'd say! :)


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