Friday, December 13, 2013

A belated (but pretty) alert...

I received a Google alert yesterday (?--I think--time means nothing to me right now!) for Restricted Release. I found it amusing that it's just a *wee* bit late. But I had never seen it doodled up like this
before. So I was very happy.

I'd seen the 4 star review for my book in RT Book Reviews a while back (the squealing crazy blog is on here somewhere) but had never seen it online.

If YOU want to peek too go HERE to see the review. It's very nice. Especially my favorite bit:

"Marsden brings us a deliciously steamy tale of love and healing. Vibrant characters highlight a lush storyline filled with humor, heartbreak and self-examination."

In other news:

I have been Kindled! Hollow Men, my dystopian-road-trip-from-hell-long-lost-love-returned novel is now available for your Kindling pleasure. (I mean to read on your Kindle. Please don't use my books as kindling. I'll cry. Seriously...)

And just for fun. I am currently reading and/or have purchased with birthday money:








How's your Friday? What are you reading this weekend? Spread the love, tell a friend to read a dirty book by your favorite author. It's how we keep ourselves in Saltines and soup. Or in my case, gluten free crackers and soup.


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