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Blissemas Kissmas! A winter snog from Wanderlust

Thanks to Alison Tyler and her stuff-your-stocking blog fun, Wanderlust is currently 80% off. It's 99c on Kindle! Which means after the Christmas magic wears off, this 88,000+ novel will go back to 4.99. Anyway, here's a little winter kiss...well, it starts as a kiss (somehow I always have to say that) and builds from there.

Happy winter snogging, everyone. Check out the rest of Blissemas Kissmas HERE.

 From Wanderlust by Sommer Marsden

It had started to snow-big fat flakes that flew like kamikazes at the windshield. I rolled
down the window and stuck my hand out, the cold wafers of snow melting on my skin.
“You like the road,” he said. It wasn’t a question.
“I do. I like to drive. I like to ride. I like the way the car feels speeding down an open
road. Especially this car. Damn, it’s ugly but it really is like a sofa on wheels.”
He smiled, nodding. “That’s pretty accurate.”
“But yes. My favorite thing to do when I feel all tight and claustrophobic and panicky is
drive. It’s freedom,” I said.
“Ever think of just going?”
“Going where?” We had come full circle to this question from the night before. It must be
something he saw in me, or smelled on me. A secret he could read off of my skin like
invisible script.
“Going.” Johnny shrugged.
“I think the thought of considering that is too big for me.”
“You’ve never had the urge to just keep driving? Go as far as you could go and stop
somewhere and bed down for the night?”
“I think I have. That irrational urge to just move forward at all costs. Like the thoughts I
have when I hold a sharp knife,” I said softly. I had never admitted this to anyone in my
life before. Had never spoken the words aloud. “Sometimes when I hold them I wonder
what it would be like if I ran my finger along the edge. Or if I ran the blade along my
He nodded. Not judging me and seeming to understand. It made me feel warm all over,
the look on his face.
“Or the urge sometimes when I’m on something high. The top of a staircase, a roof of a
building, an escalator at the mall, a cliff when I go hiking. That urge to just see what
would happen if…” I shook my head. Afraid he’d turn the car around, take me back.
Maybe drive me to the fucking psych ward.
“If you just stepped off? Jumped? What the falling would feel like?”
I nodded. “Yes, what the falling would feel like.”
He pulled over onto the shoulder of the road so we were nose-in to an old leaning
wooden fence. In the field beyond, two white horses nuzzled each other and then
tossed their unkempt manes in the wind.
Johnny pulled me in, I slid across the bench seat with very little resistance. He turned
my face up to his and kissed me. It was a boyfriend kiss. Gentle and kind and
unassuming. Until I parted my lips and let his tongue slide into my mouth. I was the one
to turn the kiss by putting my hand on his jeans, squeezing his cock gently in my hand. I
wanted him all over again. It seemed I fucking always wanted him.
“Do you want to fall with me, Really?” he growled against my throat.
I undid my jeans and moved away from him. Shimmying my hips, I got them down but
the oversized tails of his flannel that I still wore shielded me from any eyes that might
“Yes,” I muttered, working his belt. He helped me patiently—his hands calm where my
were hurried “I want to.”
“Just get in this ugly car and go? Go wherever. Follow the road and the snow and the
horses until there are other things to see and do.”
I climbed into his lap, facing him as I had the night before. This time, though, he was
bare under me. His cock hard and ready, his face sober and intent.
“Yes.” I bit his lower lip and he seized my hips in his hands. My wet opening was
pressed to the hard ridge of his sex and I moved just enough to feel his heart speed up
under my palm that I kept pressed to his chest to feel the life in him.
“Diners and hotels and roadside attractions,” he said, nipping me back.
“Yes,” I said, putting him in me, holding his hard length straight and true and sinking
down onto him so slowly that I thought I might scream and I was the one in control. My
thighs shook, my hands too. I anchored myself to him by gripping his shoulder. He held
my hips and thrust up hard and filled me.
We both stilled, eye to eye. I could see his pulse jumping at his throat. I was sure he
could see mine. Snow had started to cover the windshield—had started to gray out the
world beyond. Big wet lacy bits of it clung to the side windows. I could hear that
mysterious hushed hiss that always came with snow.
“Fall with me,” I said this time. I was the one to ask it. “Will you run your finger over the
“You know it, Snowflake,” he said. And then he started to move. I was on top but he was
in control, pulling me down even as he moved up under me. His teeth, sharp and even,
sliding along my collar bone so that I shivered with the possible pain he could inflict. He
released my hips for just a second to cup my breasts. He lulled me in with the warmth of
his palms and when I leaned into him, he pinched my nipples through the plain white tee
I wore under his flannel. The pain that shot through me was sudden and perfect and I
came, my cunt gripping up around him making the friction almost unbearable, his cock
stretching me, filling me up.
“Again,” I said.
So he hauled me in by my shirt collar and kissed me, his hips still thrusting up forcefully
beneath me, his cock plunging deep every time. “You want to come again?
“Let’s see what we can do about that.”


  1. Sounds like an interesting read. Loved the excerpt.

    Merry Blissmas!

  2. Great intense excerpt! Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Holidays!


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