Friday, December 27, 2013

Griswold moments and an impromptu GIVEAWAY!

I'm baa-aaaaack. Bet you didn't even know I was gone! Hahaha. A few days before Christmas I actually decided to take a few days off for real. Not pretend off. But actually off. Since I was still yammering online, no one probably noticed. But I did. No writing, no editing, no hardcore promo, just off. 


But, alas, now it's over and I'm sitting here working on a freelance piece. 

I figured I'd pop in and post a hello and give you a few Christmas highlights. 

1. We had a lovely Christmas Eve dinner here with Jim's family. Our Astro Weenie Trees were a big hit again. (This is our third year and I dare say girl child and I have a solid tradition now). We discovered the tiny cocktail swords worked! So we had swashbuckling fruit fasteners for sure. The trees were even more fun this year seeing as my nephew (the youngest) is seven now and discovered how fun they are. 
2. My big surprise gift from him was a Team Ichabod sweatshirt which is tres cool. I will eventually provide a photo. I also got this little guy. It's okay, you can be jealous now.:

3. Christmas morning was awesome. Including watching girl child open the "Weasley Sweater" I got her. I went to the thrift store and found the drabbest, most misshapen, striped monstrosity I could manage. Cut out her first initial from Christmas paper and taped it to the front before wrapping it. We've been reading (she's way ahead of me) the Harry Potter books (we're a wee bit behind the...entire world) and I couldn't resist. Second best was watching boy child unwrap his yearly ugly gift. A very scary knick-knack. A large bunny in a suit holding an'd have to see it to believe it. *Some other faves were mugs I got them. Girl child's said: Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. And boy child's: Respect the Chemistry.
4. Day after Christmas we saw family from out of town. It was a long gathering and it had it's Griswold moments but one of my favorite bits was my parents telling the story of Christmas night. Apparently, after we left, they went to see more family. It was at a new house and they'd only been there in the summer in the daytime. So here they show up in a neighborhood with bare trees, Christmas lights and it's pitch black. Yeah...they walked into the wrong house. Just...walked in! To another family in the wrong house on the wrong street it turns out. LOL. Funniest part is, one guest at that party, upon seeing my mom was carrying a tray of Baklava, offered to make them a drink and let them stay. Ha!
5. Boy child went out shopping with his friends last night (because he is INSANE). I got  text: 'they have three copies of your book here mom!' My night was made.

That covers most of it. Hope yours was lovely. If you feel so inclined, let me know your favorite bits in the comments!

IMPROMPTU GIVEAWAY: Tell me the reference for girl child's mug and boy child's mug (info on mugs found above in the blog). If you get them both right I'll enter you to win two choices of paperbacks from my cabinet of contributor copies. Lots of good anthologies in there to choose from. Send your answers to sommermarsden[at]gmail[dot]com with MUGS in the subject line. Contest ends 12/29. I'll draw from any answers that morning and contact the winner!

Merry day after, day after Christmas!



  1. You're not quite behind the entire world on the HP books. We have them all from when boy child read them as they came out, but now my girl child is reading them too. Though she's a bit bogged down in the middle of book 5 ATM. Trying to talk her into taking a HP break after this one and reading some Gail Carriger. Strong female characters FTW.

    The story of your parents walking into the wrong house is too funny. Can totally see it happening too.

  2. Damn I guess the internet ate my comment. :P

    Ok, let's see if I can remember what I wrote. Ummmm...

    I love the HP books. I need to read them again, but I refuse to start until I have them all in hardcover editions. At this point in time, I only have two and they're books four and five, so it would make no sense anyway. Plus reading the physical books is more spiritual than an ebook so...

    I am totes jealous of your Adipose. As much as I remember what they're made of, they're still adorable. I need one for my collection to go with my (new) eleventh Doctor Potato-Head. And my mini Dalek.

    I'd love to see pics of the kids "ugly" gifts. I think that's a hoot. Sounds like loads of fun - my family is nowhere near enlightened enough to grasp the concept of fun in that way. Wanna adopt me? :P

    And to top it off, I know the quotes. I'm guessing that boy child's is BB. Having never seen the show, it's a shot in the dark. And girl child's is ST: TNG. I know the second one because my friend says that all. the. time. whenever we ask her if she wants tea.



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