Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Sneek-ety Peak-ety...

I never do this. I mean NEVER. I have never pulled a section from a WIP even if it is contracted to a publisher and posted it before. Ever. Maybe one line. Just one line. But never a section. However, I adore this book and I read this section and well...personal rules are made to be broken, right? I'm going all crazy with the Cheez Whiz up in here.

This is a snippet from the upcoming Chasing Shade due out with Ellora's Cave sometime this year. If you find and boo-boos they're my bad. This is unedited and all that jazz.


From Chasing Shade

© Sommer Marsden 2014

"Will you...can I be under you?"

She felt safer that way but didn’t know how to explain it. Because just saying it that way felt silly. How being under a man could be safer than being on a man made no sense. But inside of her, in some battered broken place, it did to her. She needed to feel him covering her. Sheltering her. Because she found, in that moment, that she trusted Archie Rader implicitly. Even with her truths.

He studied her, his blue eyes dark and intense. Then he nodded once and flipped her. Flipped her so fast she let out a strangled little cry and then found herself laughing. But under him. Blissfully, perfectly under the bulk of him.

He took it one step further, warming her heart. He knocked her legs a little wider and then pushed her arms above her head and held them down with a single strong hand. His free hand drifted up and down her side, tracing her ribs, making her skin shiver. Archie plunged into her, driving deep, rotating his hips and stalling not only her breath but his own.

“This won’t last long, Betsey, not with you beneath me. I’ll lose my resolve to hold on.” He chuckled. 

“Why?” She sincerely wanted to know. She wanted to know what was in his head.

“I like the feel of you beneath me. I like the feel of you next to me. I just like the feel of you. Hell,” he stalled for minute, still filling her but not moving. “I like the idea of you in this world, Betsey.”

Tears streaked, unexpected and annoying to her, from the corners of her eyes. She tried to turn her face away but he grasped her chin gently and made her face him. “Don’t run from me, okay? I thought it was amazing to stumble over someone nice,” he said, grinding his hips, keeping her primed. “Someone nice who helped me find a job and a home…what a fucking miracle, right?”

She could only nod, her throat having grown so thick she couldn’t speak. 

“But then last night…and today…I realized…” He shook his head and then kissed her. His fingers bit into her wrist, his chest crushed her breasts, pushed her meager breath out of her, but God was it perfect. “I realized that you are the miracle, Betsey. Not what you offered me.”

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  1. Whew! I likey a lot Sommer. Can't wait to read this one. Thanks for sharing your genius with us a little early.


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