Friday, January 3, 2014


I'm doing a 30 day photo challenge because I'm trying to express my creativity in ways that are not writing. Not. Writing. Because I write all the time and I don't want to grow stagnant.

Now I do also bake and cook which I consider creative. However, my jeans, as of late, are telling me I might want to cut back on that particular outlet.

I saw the 30 day challenge on Pinterest and thought it looked like fun.

Yesterday's assignment was 'what I wore'. It should have been clouds because that's when all this snow/ice/wind etc was blowing in. Today there was one lonely cloud and I had to hurry to snap it before the wind (which is fierce. It's 14 degrees here and negative some such when that wind blows) blew it away.

There it is! Behind the tree branches!

This was taken with my phone. Sometimes I use my iPad. Not exactly a high tech girl but that is not the point, now is it? Heh.

If you're trying new creative things, or just new things period, in '14, tell me what they are in the comments. I'd love to hear about them. I'm always looking for ways to get the creative out of my head.

We did make it to the man's scan today. Roads were dicey, stress was present, but I tried to look at it as an adventure and now we're back, successful! I'm currently trying a new veggie burger recipe and pretending to work (while I blog instead). Hope you're having a great day. And if it's a snow day for you, I hope you're hunkered down and cozy.


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