Sunday, January 12, 2014


Okay--so that's not a verb. But I made it into one due to giddiness.

We've been playing a game in this family since December when Restless Spirit released in the US with Sourcebooks. It's called: is my book there and how many copies are there? Oh and bonus round: Where is it located in the store?

Today I took girl child to the Barnes and Noble in Towson. Unlike the B&N on the Avenue in Whitemarsh, the Towson store did not have me in New Romance back in December. They had me on the shelf. The first time I went...1 copy. The next time anyone went there were three. Boy child sent a picture. Three copies filed on the shelf. Today I went and checked the regular shelf and...sigh...

No copies. I tried to convince myself that was good. They sold. But alas, I had a sad. Until I turned and~~~>

And oh my holy caramel mocha latte! There I was!

Then I turned the corner, just on a whim, and...

Much rejoicing in the New Romance section. Fist bumps and hugs and stupid dances with girl child who was there on a Black Butler run.

There are more copies on the shelves that previous two visits combined so tada! And yay! I'm going to tell myself that means they ordered more as opposed to my constant, almost waking, nightmare that everyone in the world returned their copies. Cause that seems a little paranoid.

Just a bit.

Happy Sunday!

p.s. I figure I should stop stalking my book eventually. Maybe.

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