Sunday, January 26, 2014

Will you be mine...?

As with so many things I find myself excited about this starts with the phrase "And then Alison Tyler said..."

That she missed paper Valentines! And I said: oh my god! yes!

They were so much fun. So exciting. Even more way way back in the day when (T-Rex roamed the earth) and we made them ourselves. I ask, will you be mine? Do you want a Valentine? I promise no two will be alike and they will all be handmade by moi!

The man and I have never done V-Day big. We always kept it small but heartfelt. I remember one year I had forgotten to make his Valentine (we almost always made them) and I panicked. What he ended up getting was a black piece of construction paper folded in half and in gold hair gel, of all things, an impression of my...well, let's just say nipples were involved and a short sentiment of my undying love and filthy affection.

He still has it.

Now! You won't be getting one of those, but I promise to send you something worthy of keeping. And I'm not the only one doing it. For more info go HERE to AT's blog and see who's doing what. Collect one! Collect them all! Gotta Catch 'Em All! Oh wait...that's Pokemon.

If you want one just send me a love note (or a normal email works) to sommermarsden[@]gmail[.] com (taking out the brackets!) and put YES! in the subject line. Include your snail mail address and I'll make sure you get a pretty something in the mail from me.


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