Thursday, February 6, 2014

And slap it on a bing-bong!

We have no idea what that means but it's something we say around here all the time. As in: Look at this! Bam! And slap it on a bing-bong!

So yesterday I got this:

The cover for my upcoming novel with HarperCollins Mischief. Lost in You releases in March in the UK, US to follow. I am SO  excited!

And since they gave me that amazing cover they decided to give Boys Next Door a makeover. Here 'tis!

Oh my God. I swooned. There they are. Two new covers for me. So bam! Slap *that* on a bing-bong!



  1. Slap it on the bing-bong originates (I believe) from Just Shoot Me! As a side note, or a warning, if you watch Just Shoot Me! at 4 in the morning with any degree of consistency, you WILL have sex dreams about David Spade.

  2. Thank you! We've been trying to remember where it was from for years. WE used to watch JSM all the time. Loved it. Even watched it on reruns when they ran it. No one runs it anymore. I love David Spade anyway. I could be down with that. LOL.

  3. Those are fantastically awesome covers. :)

  4. Holy hot Sommer! Seriously, when you posted these on twitter I started to drool. Absolutely beautiful! Nice work Harper Collins!


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