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Guest Blog: "I don't scare easily" by Lynn Townsend

Today I have Lynn Townsed aka KT Hicks on my blog. I learned a few things from reading this. I did some Googling. I'll never be the same. Heh. But while she's here today *I* promise to be gentle.


My first time wasn't gentle.

(Oh, stop it, I wasn't talking about that.)

I grew up in the world before the Internet. (I also grew up in a household that didn't really believe in modern conveniences like VCRs, microwaves, disposals, dishwashers, etc... )
Which might be why I was a freshman in college before I actually saw any porn. (If E.L. James had set her trilogy in the 1990s, I might find the whole virgin-college-student-never-exposed-to-porn more realistic.) I wasn't completely clueless; my bestie had given me a subscription to Playgirl as a "you're leaving home" present and I delighted in "reading it" very openly in my college dorm. 

Somewhat related aside: While I wasn't a virgin by the time I got to college, a lot of my frosh hall was - and determined to stay that way. I remember walking through the hall at one point and heard Claire saying "Ew, you french kissed a BOY? How gross!" I stuck my head in the room and pointed out that I'd personally been kissing girls, too. 

I... didn't fit in well.

In any case, the internet still didn't really exist for day-to-day student activity for another couple of years. (I remember days when you had to download a .gif - which could take up to an hour or more, depending on the resolution and your dial up speed.) The summer after my freshman year, I went to bed with this insanely good-looking dude who had all the stamina of your average college guy. Which was to say... it was disappointing.

As a consolation prize, we went into his living room and watched a porn video in our underthings.

You know, I went combing through the internet to get some pictures of Urotsukidoji "Legend of the Overfiend" and was reminded of just how hard core it is. So, look it up on tumblr if you want. I'll wait.

Back already?
That was my first experience with porn, with hentai (that's a Japanese phrase that means hardcore porn), and with anime (Japanese or Japanese-inspired animation). It might not be surprising to you that I didn't watch any more for quite some time. (And then it was non-subtitled Akira...and that movie will blow your mind even with adequate translations!)

I did eventually become quite a bit more comfortable with the genre, both porn and hentai. (Trigger: Hentai tends to be rather rape-tastic and feature a lot of non-human genitalia because laws in Japan are just as weird as the ones in the states, they're just weird differently... )

So, fast forward about, six years, maybe. And I've still never read a romance novel or any erotica. I have been, however, writing sex scenes back and forth with my best friend - usually male-male, although we had a set of characters who were male-male-female. Talking about this with another friend led her to make a gift to me of Anne Rice's Beauty trilogy.

Still, the idea of writing my own erotica for consumption by someone else other than my friends, that took a while to grab hold of me.

Now that it has, however, I've been really busy writing more and more....

Sommer's delightful to host me for my first book release blog tour - I actually have three publications coming out in the next five weeks, starting with Roll that was released on Tuesday - 

A farm boy from Tennessee, Beau Watkins spent high school living the dream: the cute girl, the popular, jock lifestyle, a loving family. As a freshman at an out-of-state college, he's determined to find out who he really is behind the Fake It 'Til You Make It attitude. He joins Rainbow Connection, the gay student alliance, hoping to find himself. Instead, he finds Vin Reyes. Raised by his grandparents and heir to a prosperous company, Vin has been out of the closet since he figured out what that meant. He has it all: fashionable clothing, fancy cars, huge houses, a real party lifestyle, and even a bodyguard. Most of all, he has a secret.

Uncomfortable with Vin's generosity, Beau fights his growing attraction for the president of Rainbow Connection, chasing instead a series of shallow affairs. Vin's never been denied anything that he wants, though, and now he wants Beau. But it's not until an old rival puts Beau in the hospital that Vin realizes that Beau means more to him than a simple love affair. Can the two of them bridge the gap between their worlds and roll with the all the punches life will throw at them?

Buy Roll HERE

But that's only the beginning! On March 23rd, my best friend (yes, the one I wrote erotica with!) and I are putting out a collection of short stories, Whetting the Appetite

and then at the end of March, I have the first of my Urban Supernatural novels, Blood Sight, coming out...

 Lynn Townsend is a geek, a dreamer and an inveterate punster. When not reading, writing, or editing, she can usually be found drinking coffee or killing video game villains. Lynn's interests include filk music, romance novels, octopuses, and movies with more FX than plot.

(okay, seriously, this talking in the third person about myself is just weird...)

My name is Kellylyn Townsend Stafford Hicks. K.T. is what my friends call me. Lynn Townsend is my writer's name. But they are all my "real" name. All of those names do, actually, belong to me. In addition, people have been known to refer to me as: Mom (my child, her teachers, and apparently every pediatrician ever. sigh.), Jayne, Tisfan, Tizzy, Kelly (certain family members who are older than I am and I would feel bad about smacking them senseless only), Shameless, and Spouse (husband only).

I grew up half in central Virginia, half in way-upstate New York. I went to college at William & Mary, where I met and later married a guy who grew up half in Kentucky and half in Utica, so while we're both a really weird mix of southern and northern, at least we understand each other. We have one child, one murder-death-cat, a turtle, and two chinchillas. I currently live in Chesapeake, Virginia, just along the Elizabeth River, where the phrase "drag your ass out into the swamp and leave you there" is not just an idle threat.

I am into random geekery, Cthulu, all things tentacular (squids, octopuses, Japanese hentai anime), cooking, reading, gaming (both paper & dice and MMOs), Sci-fi, Fantasy, good coffee, romance novels, flavored chapsticks, Hello Kitty, Squishables, Jane Austen, Lego's, Nathan Fillion, cop shows, cheese, zombies, chocolate, good beer, filk music, action movies, steampunk, funny cat pictures on Facebook, and the dancing mushrooms in Fantasia.

I am NOT into social conservatism, Game of Thrones, gatekeeping, first-person shooters, console games of any sort, tea, "chick lit" or anything endorsed by Oprah, long walks on the beach, pina coladas, fashion magazines, Bruce Campbell, James Bond, My Little Pony, Tom Cruise, or bagpipes.


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