Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I'm so excited and you're invited!

Believe it or not this coming March I will be nine years old! Nine! For nine years I've been writing dirty. I was writing before that, without a doubt, but it wasn't until March '05 that Sommer was born. You know what that means, right?


Here's the scoop (click it...it gets bigger):

Starting March 1st there will be daily 'door prizes' on my blog from my birthday guests. At the end of March I'll be giving away a prize pack that includes a $50 gift card to Amazon.

Guests offering door prizes will include: Katie Salidas, Alison Tyler, Willsin Rowe, Teresa Noelle Roberts, A.R. Von, Selena Kitt, Charlotte Stein, Kiki Howell, Bronwyn Green, Giselle Renarde, Rose Caraway, Victoria Blisse, S.A. Meade, K.D. Grace, Tenille Brown, Lucy Felthouse, Lily Harlem, Justine Elyot, Abi Aiken, Lynn Townsend, Brien Michaels, Cora Zane, Kristina Wright, Tamsin Flowers and Sacchi Green.

Whew! Can you believe it!

How does it work? Easy:
*Every time you comment on a blog post (in the blog comment section) you earn a chance to win that day's prize AND you get a chance at the grand prize.

*Every time you Retweet on Twitter or Share my party info on Facebook you earn a chance at the grand prize.

*Every time you mention the shindig on Twitter with #9YearsofSommer you get a chance at the grand prize.

*Every time you mention this shindig on Facebook and tag me you get a chance at the grand prize.

*If you review and/or rate one of my books during the month of March send me a link and that will get you a chance at the grand prize.

There are unlimited ways to earn as many shots as you like.That's it! Show up to party and you basically have a chance to win daily prizes and the big shebang. When all is said and done I'll fish around in that giant bowl of slips and draw a name. I hope you'll come celebrate my 9 years with me. And tell your friends!



  1. Congratulations on nine years! That's a major accomplishment, to say the least. Plus, your last decade has been a *lot* more productive than mine. :P

  2. WOW. Nine years! That's amazing girl! Congratulations on all your success. You so deserve it. :D


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