Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 20 brings Kristina Wright, some Xs and Os and a lost memory...

What's funny is I always try to do an intro to my guest. And today I had the story of how I 'met' Kristina Wright. Or to me: KW. I tend to abbreviate things. So when I am referring to her (sometimes even verbally) I say KW.

I just read her blog and was amused that she can't recall when we met and feels as if she's always known me. Which is so nice. Because when I 'met' her, I'd been bumping around as a newbie and had come across her on Myspace (oh, my god yes, Myspace) I believe. I'd also seen her the other places we writers tend to hang out and get to know one another. My first real contact with her was shyly asking her where in the world she got the calls for Alison Tyler's anthos. So...she told me! She gave me the contact info.

So, I'll clarify. She was established, having shorts in quite a few anthologies and even a book and I was brand spanking new. And she was so nice to me. So, there's my story :)

Tada! Yesterday's winner is....Donna! Donna, I have sent you and email to get your particulars. Congrats, and thanks for playing. Everyone else, don't despair, your name went in the big grand prize draw.

I'd like to point out that today we'll have TWO winners. So...woohoo! And without further ado: here's KW! Don't forget to leave your email addy in your comment in case you win! Good luck :)


Sommer in Spring

It’s fitting that my day to celebrate Sommer’s writing career is also the first day of spring. I adore spring—it’s a time of rebirth, new growth, flowers, sunshine, and, oh yeah, my husband’s birthday is in April and my birthday is in May, so spring is one big party around our house. As the mother of two little boys who don’t quite understand calendars and how time passes, we tend to wring every ounce of celebration from a holiday until the next one comes along. So this month of Sommer feels just about right to me.

I was wracking my brain trying to remember when (and how) I first “met” Sommer. I’ve lost some chunks of my memory over the past few years (see the two little boys above for the reason why) and interconnectedness of everyone on the internet makes it difficult to recall that first meeting, but I feel as if I’ve known her for her entire writing career. I do know I’ve liked her since I met her. Her writing is brilliant and heart wrenching and sexy and all kinds of honest that few writers can do. Of course, all that talent is because of her own personality—straightforward, kind, generous and so, so funny. I can’t count the number of mornings I’ve opened up my Facebook feed and read something snort-out-loud amusing from her.

Sommer inspires me. As a writer, she’s part Energizer Bunny (she just keeps going) and part Timex watch (takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’). On days when I’m feeling overwhelmed, lazy or just plain tired, I am motivated by writers who have real, complicated, busy lives and still manage to make the words happen. I need that kick in the pants sometimes—not as competition, but simply as inspiration. And I’ve learned one thing over the years: if it can be done, Sommer is doing it. She tells me it’s “smoke and mirrors. And wine.” but I know it’s so much more. It’s her stubborn determination, strong will and big heart.

I was going to talk about my books here, pitch them as I’m supposed to do as a writer. After all these years I still don’t have the hang of that, but really, this is, and should be, all about Sommer, so let me just say this: I’m honored to know her and call her a friend, even if it’s only in the digital world of Facebook and email. I’m also thrilled that after years of enjoying her work she’s written a few stories for my books. “Take it Off” is the first story in Bedded Bliss: A Couple’s Guide to Lust Ever After and I think it sets the tone beautifully for the whole book. “Soldier Boy” in XOXO: Sweet and Sexy Romance is sexy and intense in that undeniably Sommeresque way. And I have one more story of hers to be included in a forthcoming anthology that hasn’t been officially announced yet, but when I came up short on submissions that worked with the theme, Sommer delivered the most beautiful, intense, dirty story I could’ve imagined. She’s an editor’s dream and a writer’s motivation, but if you want to know the honest truth, here it is-- I look forward to reading Sommer’s work not with the eye of an editor or writer, but as a reader who knows I’m in for a special treat. Because she is that good.

And now I suppose I should offer up some treats myself. I have a copy of XOXO: Sweet and SexyRomance and BestErotic Romance 2014 up for grabs to TWO lucky commenters. Warning: don’t be a doofus like me and forget to include your email address when you comment!

I love spring and contemplating all that I want to accomplish, from the household cleaning/decluttering (ugh!) to vegetable gardening (at least until it gets too hot to even think about going outside) to new writing projects (I have a novel due…). But as my most favorite of seasons begins, it is lovely to be celebrating Sommer in Spring. Happy 9th to Sommer and Happy Spring to you all.


Kristina Wright ( is an anthologist for Cleis Press, a writer of essays, short stories and novels, wife to a sexy naval officer, mother to two rambunctious boys and an enthusiastic drinker of coffee. 


  1. I love relatively stark covers like these, lovely and simple.

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  4. Gotta love dirty-sweet, it's the best combo!

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  5. I love hearing about how erotica authors meet, especially when those authors are already firmly established. As a new writer in the genre, I have to say that I've been shocked and heartened by how lovely and supportive erotica writers are with each other. It's hands down one of the *nicest* communities I've ever had the privilege to join. :) malinmjames(at)gmail(dot)com

  6. It is fun to see how everyone met, and who discovered who first.


  7. I love spring, too. All potential and no weeds.

    Beautiful covers, too.

  8. Happy spring, Sommer and Kristina! Very fun to hear how you met ;) Excellent collaborating, of course!

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  9. I must have as many KW books as I do RKB books. It's a contest. Now, Sommer, you're trying to compete!



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