Friday, March 21, 2014

Day 21 brings Tamsin Flowers, a book bundle and a conga line!

Good morning. It's day 21! (tag line will say 20 because...I can't count!) Whew. Can you believe it? Only about a week left before we announce a grand prize winner. But I'm sure having fun watching you all win prizes every day along the way :)

Today I have Tamsin Flowers, a relatively new writer to me, but oh so nice. And helpful. And talented. And did I mention nice? I've just had the pleasure this year or so having her in my 'sphere' and she's always a pleasure to work with. She has a big treat today. A big one! (heh) Tamsin's giving away a book bundle that includes: 


Her Boss and His Client
Doing It for the Coach

The Crimson Bond
Zombie Erotoclypse

Oh my gosh! Your reading device is going to be stuffed to the gills. Just in time for some weekend reading. Score! Now away we go, right after I say yay, t'Sade! You are the winner of KW's XOXO antho and yay, Soledad! You are the winner of KW's Best Erotic Romance. Kristina will be in touch.

Now, away we go...

Hooray! At last it's my turn to arrive at Sommer's party and - wow! - what a swell party it is! It's certainly the longest running party I've ever experienced but I feel like now we're getting towards the tail end, the best bit - you know the time at parties, when everybody's had maybe one too many drinks and the're cutting loose on the dance floor, moving and grooving like nobody's watching them… (Oh, look over there - it's Alison Tyler, Rose Caraway, Sommer, Giselle Renarde, Lucy Felthouse, Victoria Blisse and Justine Elyot doing a conga!) Seems like I have some catching up to do. But we haven't reached the stage of the party yet when the really bad behavior kicks in - that's coming next week and those folks really know how to rock! (No one's been sick yet, have they? What did I miss?)

So, happy birthday, Sommer. Nine years in the business - it's amazing. I've managed about two so far…and I have no idea if I'll make it to nine. I hope so.  When I started out, submitting just a few short stories at first, I took a look round on Amazon and at various publishers' websites to check out the competition. Because back then, that's what I thought other writers would be - competition! (And perhaps, strictly speaking, they are - but they're much more than that - a large group of colleagues and friends who form one of the most welcoming and supportive communities I've ever had the privilege to consider myself a member of.) And when I was looking around in those early days, there was one writer I kept coming across. She had books everywhere, the books were fab, she had a great blog and she seemed like so much fun to hang out with on FaceBook and Twitter. That was Sommer. And I decided I wanted to be a writer like that - basically, I wanted to be her. Two years on, I'm obviously not her - no-one possibly could be, and as I've got to know Sommer a little, I realize even more what a daunting challenge I set myself back then - Sommer really is amazing! So congratulations, Sommer - you're unique!

And thanks for the party.


And as consolation for those of you who haven't won a prize yet - here's a small excerpt from my new Xcite release, Her Boss and His Client.


 When Dana Lewis starts her new job at a prestigious London advertising agency, she vows to herself that she won’t sleep with her new boss - a mistake that got her fired from her last job. But that was before she was allocated to work on Jack Brent’s team, writing copy for the most devastatingly handsome man she’d ever met. And when he starts playing footsie with her under the table at lunch on her first day, she knows it’s only a matter of time...

Nathan Drake is a travel tycoon and he expects the very best from the agency he employs to create his advertising campaigns. Jack puts Dana on the job and Nathan makes it clear he likes what he sees, whisking her away to his country retreat.

Before she knows it, Dana is burning the candle at both ends - and her new lovers are complete opposites in the bedroom. Nathan is as calm and controlling as Jack is fiery and tempestuous... However, she doesn't want to risk being caught as a two-timer, so she knows she needs to make a decision. But which man should she choose?


Jack seemed to sense my concerns and he got up from his chair and came across to where I was sitting. He stood in front of me, looking down with a serious expression on his face. Then he bent a little to take the wineglass from my hand and put it down on his desk.
‘Dana,’ he said, so quietly I almost had to strain to hear him. ‘You’re going to be fine here.’
He dropped to his knees. Before I realised what was happening, he’d cupped my face in his hands.
‘You’re going to be brilliant.’
He stared at me intensely again; those gold-flecked eyes only inches from my own.
‘We’re going to be brilliant together.’
I wasn’t quite sure what he meant but, even though I didn’t mean to, I moved my face forward a fraction of an inch. He did the same. I could feel his warm, wine-scented breath on my cheeks.
‘Oh Dana,’ he whispered, shaking his head.
If I read his expression right, he was conflicted over what to do next. He still held my face in his hands, still held my eyes with his, and I watched as his tongue darted out to moisten his lips. My core muscles tightened with desire as a small sigh escaped my lips.
‘Jack …’
He put a finger on my lips and shook his head. His look said all that needed to be said, and when he took the finger away, he immediately replaced it with his lips, softly brushing my own.
That first kiss, always a heart-stopping moment, seared itself like a brand on my conscious and sub-conscious mind. His lips were soft but he plundered my mouth as if it were treasure for the taking. They moulded themselves to mine and then I felt the tip of his tongue slowly running along first my upper lip then the lower. At the corner of my cupid’s bow, it breached the gap and, as my mouth opened willingly to give him access, I heard a low groan emitting from deep within his throat. Then his tongue touched mine, and greedily explored the cavern of my mouth. He tasted of wine and he smelt of figs and sandalwood and myrrh.
I pushed back with my tongue to gain entrance to his mouth, barely able to sit still in the chair as my body struggled to get closer to his. His stubble ground against my chin and cheeks, adding to the sensation in direct contrast to the softness of his tongue and the hard, smooth surfaces of his teeth. I wanted to kiss him for ever; to never come up for air. I took a handful of chestnut hair at the back of his head to hold him steady as my mouth quite literally devoured him.
‘Dana …’ He pulled back from me. ‘We shouldn’t. We can’t be doing this. I barely know you.’
‘But you know you want me.’ My voice sounded different in my ears, thickened with desire, my breath coming in short gasps.
‘But we have to work together.’
He was right. I took a deep breath and looked into his liquid caramel eyes.
‘I’d better go,’ I managed to blurt out.
Jack stood up and moved back to be out of my way. I got up and straightened my skirt. I was so wet; I’d been so ready for what had been about to happen. Having to stop felt like a kick in the guts. My legs turned to jelly and I had to steady myself by gripping the arm of the chair.
‘Are you all right, Dana?’
I wasn’t drunk, so I don’t know if that makes what happened next better or worse.
‘Jack, you started something. Now I need you to goddamn finish it.’
I could hardly believe the words that were coming out of my mouth and, by the look on his face, I don’t think Jack could either.
I took a step towards him and reached out with my hand. The bulge in his jeans was clear to see, and when I touched it, I felt his cock twitch in response through the denim.
When our lips met again, the kiss was anything but gentle. Jack’s tongue pushed its way as far into my mouth as he could get it, and it twisted with mine as our teeth clashed. At the same time, his hands were pulling at the front of my blouse, ripping it open and wrenching it out from the top of my skirt. As he pushed up my bra to release my breasts, I stepped back so I could lean against his desk for support. His mouth pulled away from mine and trailed kisses down my throat as his hands kneaded my chest.
I gasped. I was so turned on and I needed to get him inside me fast. My hands were on his belt buckle but he pulled away.
‘Lie back,’ he commanded, sweeping papers, files, and stationery off his desk and onto the floor.
I lay back on the cold, hard surface and felt Jack pushing up my skirt.
‘Stockings, Dana! You have no idea what they do to me.’ I could feel his warm breath on my belly as he said this and then, as he yanked off my panties, lower down.
‘Spread ’em,’ he ordered, and I opened my legs as wide as I could, letting them hang over the edge of the desk.
So Jack Brent liked to be in charge, in control.


  1. *squee* Well, that made my day! Thank you.

    Well, as much as I *love* zombies and tattoos, I probably shouldn't submit an email this time. *pout*

    1. Well, you're more than welcome to come back and enter. It's utterly random and all 'regulars' have won at least once at this point. Congrats!

  2. Such a sweet testimonial! And the books look like serious fun...

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  5. Catching up - again. I hate working weekends. *grumble* But on the bright side, I can conga!

    Tasmin, congrats on two years girl! I've been dabbling for about seven now, and I'm no where near as accomplished. :D It's amazing to see what a close knit community can do.

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