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Day 22 brings Sacchi Green, Girl Fever among others and a mean editor moment ;)

There's something magical about Sacchi Green and it's not just her writing. Something about her calls, I mean. I often read them and think, oh...I have nothing. But inevitably a small idea will come knocking not long after I see her call. Then I have nothing turns into I may have something. And then oddly enough I usually start writing and I may have something turns into By George! I have something...

That happened recently with a book that's not out yet. And I'll be cruel and not tell you what book it is because she's not talking about it  yet. But even if the story doesn't make the final cut, it's one of my favorite things I wrote last year. And that's saying something :)

Yesterday's winner is..drumroll...Teresa Noelle Roberts! She is the winner of Tamsin's five book haul. Everyone was entered in the grand prize draw for the $50 Amazon gift card. We're heading toward the end. Only 6 days left before I draw a winner :) Thanks for playing! *Don't forget to leave your email address in your comment to win. 


The only sight that lights me up more than Sommer Marsden’s name in a book is her name on an
e-mail submission for one of my own anthologies. She’s probably the most prolific writer I know, with the most consistently terrific work.

I’ve been lucky enough to have stories from her in three of the books I’ve edited for Cleis Press: “Spitting Seeds” (watermelon seeds, that is) in Girl Crazy; “The Girl with the Betty Page Bangs” in Lesbian Lust; and both “An Hour” and “Heat Lightning” in Girl Fever. Yes, those are all lesbian-themed anthologies. Sommer can write any flavor of erotic pairings and make you love them, and her stories (and novels) are never repetitious. Quality, diversity, variety; a reader’s (and editor’s) dream. 

I’m in awe of how much she’s accomplished in just nine years. We’re all lucky to have so much more to look forward to.

I’m offering two of those books, Girl Crazy and Girl Fever, for this drawing. But just to uphold the mean reputation of editors, and to tantalize you, the excerpt I’m sharing here is from the third book, Lesbian Lust.

The Girl With The Bettie Page Bangs

Sommer Marsden
I'm not really a dirty old broad. Truly. If it hadn't been for my brand spanking new, thousand dollar rock, I never would have met Callie. Ever. But I had bought a very expensive new computer that kept fucking everything up. And by everything, I mean everything. PDF's, spreadsheets, hell, even the internet. And every time it did so, I had to grab my flash drive and run to the library. When you work for yourself you have to make do.
So, here I am, sweating my ass off in my car because the air is broken. I pull up to the library (I had been there the day before) and there she sits. Outside on her break, smoking a cigarette and picking lazily at a string on her skinny black jeans.
I am not a dirty old broad. I swear.
But damn. Long and lean, hair as dark as a crow's wings. Painted doll face and red, red lips. A small black cardigan and what got me--the Bettie Page bangs.
I avert my eyes and grab my bag and go right by her. She’s maybe nineteen, twenty to my thirty-seven. No way, Jose. It’s a momentary flash of attraction and extreme insanity. It will pass. But I can’t keep my eyes from darting for a fast peripheral check. Small, teacup sized breasts, tiny waist, long coltish legs, big blue eyes and lashes that make me want to beg or swear, maybe both.
"Hiya," she says and smiles. I fear my knees may buckle.
I nod. "Nice day." I push my feet forward toward the side entrance and then she stuns me.
"You're back."
"Yes. Yes, I am. I bought a very expensive paperweight it seems." My face colors and my hand touches the door handle. But I don’t want to go in. The girl with the Bettie Page bangs is talking to me. Me!
"I'm sorry. The regulars usually have a reason. Research paper, book, mental disability so they come to watch Superman videos over and over and over again. ‘Cause you know he's going to save the world, Supe is." She winks when she says it but there is no cruelty in her voice. Only good humor and a touch of sadness. Oddly, enough, I know exactly what person she is referring to when she says that.
"Mine is I work from home and I bought a brand new computer that won't let me do certain things."
Somehow, the girl with Bettie Page bangs and I are now climbing the stairs to the computer center together. How did that happen? I usually do not go gaga and soft headed over women, no matter how pretty.
"Like what?" She twirls a poker-straight length of hair around her finger and pops her gum, something that would be a major offense coming from anyone else in the world. Somehow when she does it, it's sexy.
"Cut and paste."
She blinks at me, shocked. "No shit?" Her eyes dart around. She's at work, probably the wrong word choice. But I laugh out loud and nod.
"No shit."
"I'll put you on number thirteen," she says and smiles. "I'm Callie, btw."
"By the way."
I feel the blush rise. "Right. Sorry. I'm Janie. DAB."
"Dumb ass blonde."
Her smile is wider than ever and perfect. "Thirteen for you, DAB."
"Oh, great. More bad luck," I tease.
"Actually, thirteen is my lucky number."
"Because that's how old you are?" I laugh and so does she. I'm fishing and we both know it.
"Actually, I'm twenty-two, thank you very much." She bats those long black lashes at me and my insides turn hot and liquid. I want her. Bad.
"I just meant--"
"Oh, don't worry. I know I look young. I figure it to be a perk. When I'm fifty, I'll look like a smoking forty year old cougar, yeah?" She touches my hand when she says that and my pussy responds as if she's licked me. I'm in deep, deep shit, my friend.


Sacchi Green is an award-winning writer and editor of erotica and other stimulating genres. Her stories have appeared in scores of publications, including seven volumes of Best Lesbian Erotica, four of Best Women’s Erotica, four of Best Lesbian Romance, Best Transgender Erotica, Best Fantasy Erotica, and Penthouse. In recent years she’s taken to wielding the editorial whip, editing seven lesbian erotica anthologies: Rode Hard, Put Away Wet (Suspect Thoughts Press); Hard Road, Easy Riding (Lethe Press); Lipstick on Her Collar (Pretty Things Press); and Lesbian Cowboys, Girl Crazy, Lesbian Lust, Lesbian Cops, Girl Fever, and Wild Girls, Wild Nights, all from Cleis Press. Four of them have been Lambda Literary Award Finalists, and Lesbian Cowboys, co-edited with Rakelle Valencia, won the Lambda Literary Award for lesbian erotica in 2010. A collection of her own work, ­A Ride to Remember from Lethe Press, was also a Lambda Finalist.

She can be found online at and Facebook. In her more corporeal form she resides in western Massachusetts, with frequent getaways to a cabin in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.


  1. I've been fond of Sommer's lesbian scenes; she's got a great one in Restricted Release

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  2. I've added some new books to my reading list. Thanks!

  3. Hrm, I don't think I've ever read Ms. Green's work before. I like the excerpt.

  4. Nice excerpt

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  5. I have some of Sommer's books on my books to buy and going to move them to the top. Sacchi's Green's is also on that list and have also moved to the top.

  6. Even though I'm an m/m gal, I've got to give Sacchi and Summer props!

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  7. Love it when erotica makes me chuckle. Great excerpt.
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  8. Love this! Which is not exactly a surprise, given I feel that way about most of Sommer's writing.

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  9. It's a challenge to make it both hot and 'real', to go beyond formula. These ladies do that, and I tip my hat to them for it.

  10. Ok, that was one of Sommer's I HADN'T read. And now I want to read more. Thanks for sharing that Sacchi. :D

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