Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 23 brings a winner, a pick-and-choose and just a few more days to go!

Day 23 is here and my winner for Sacchi Green's prize is...drum roll please...CJ Lemire! Which makes me super happy because CJ has been a mad Retweeter on Twitter of all things #9YearsofSommer. He deserves a prize!

Today is a blip day so I'm the one offering the prize. I was thinking that I'd go along the lines of my sister from another Mister Alison Tyler and do 9 books. Winner can choose 9 books from my backlist. If it's available to me (in ebook format), it's available to you. All you have to do is send me your list when all is said and done.

Tada! You can peruse all your choices by going to the top of this page and clicking the page marked Sommer's Amazon Store. Think about it, you could get all my dystopian books (all three zombie exterminator books and Hollow Men) and still have five books to choose!

Easy Sunday morning. Easy giveaway. No muss, no fuss. I slept in and am only 1/2 way through my first cup of coffee, can you tell? Don't answer that. Just pretend I'm on the ball. It's the way we do around here. ;)

*Please remember to leave your email address in your comment so you can win.



  1. 9 books! Wow, who can say nay to 9 of your books!

    Calvin - gtgi12p at gmail dot com

  2. I had to clarify that it's ebook format, Calvin. Somehow it published my original blog and not the update. It would definitely feed your ereader for a while, though. xo

  3. Oh, nine books that I don't have. Yes, please.

    And yay for CJ!

  4. I think there needs to be a book called Mad Retweeter. And whoo, nine ebooks!

    Trix, vitajex(At)aol(Dot)com

  5. That's a lot of books

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  6. Wow! you should randomly pick me ;)


  7. I'm not really entering this round since I just won the last one, I just wanted to publicly thank you and Sacchi.

  8. I am not sure that there are 9 of your books thst I dont already have. :) But I would love to try.

  9. Awww, I can't resist. I have a lot of long train rides in my future. 9 Sommer books would keep me very occupied.

    Cheyenne at cheyenneblue dot com

    1. the 9 were given away this morning, Cheyenne. But we have 3 up for grabs today. I think they'd help whittle away a long train ride pretty well :D

  10. Damn. Sigh. Again, working the weekends, I miss all the fun. :( But anyhooo - fortunately my Sommer library - while not quite up to date - is rather extensive. :D

    angell(dot)brooks @ hotmail(dot)com


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