Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 28 brings a birthday wish, a grateful thank you and...of course, a WINNER!

[There's a very important bit at the end if you are NOT my grand prize winner so read, read, read all the way down!]

Good morning, internet. First, I'd like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to the man. He's not up yet, but I'm saying it anyway. Let's hope his Sleeping Beauty impression yesterday was just him prepping himself to have a great day today (he slept like 20 hours!).

Secondly, thank you, thank you, thank you to all the wonderful authors who participated in my 28 day writing birthday/anniversary party. They were amazing and super and generous and I am just humbled at how quickly they all signed on and the work they put in.

Thirdly, as for yesterday's winners of Brien's books: As Long As You're Mine goes to melonhead and Can't Make You Love Me  goes to sammi. Ta and da. I'll be in touch soon!

And now...the big one...the one you've been waiting for. The grand prize winner of the $50 Amazon gift card goes to...Jade A. Waters! And the slip I pulled from that huge goblet of papers (the level was to the top, they got smushed down with the swirling) says "FB" which means it was a Facebook share. So, yay to you, Jade! I'll be in touch.

NOW IF YOU DIDN'T WIN...don't despair. I have a special guest tomorrow. BA Tortuga is here to celebrate her most recent book and she's got a nifty prize to give away. So come back tomorrow and you'll have another shot at an Amazon gift card. Look at that! The universe has smiled  on us. After 28 days...ANOTHER prize. Nifty!

Thank you, thank you, everyone for playing along. You made my writer-person-birthday-versary fun and special and beyond memorable :)



  1. Had a fun time, Congrats to all the winners! Happy writer-person-birthday-versary-palooza, Sommer! And also happy birthday to your man

  2. Whoa! No way! Oh my goodness! [Series of a 100 more exclamations here!] You know, I read blog posts when I'm half asleep and still cuddled in my bed, and I read this and thought, "Oh, cool. Jade won. What a nice anniversary thing this has been...WAIT! That's me!" Jerked right out of bed. :)'s been a pleasure sharing your anniversary with you. You clearly have a warm spirit and a beautiful heart, and it shows in everything you write (and in how much everyone adores your awesome self!). Happy birthday to your husband, happy belated birthday to you, and a super happy anniversary! I'm sure you have many more ahead of you!

    As for this, thank you! Holy torpedo! XX-Jade


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