Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Day 5 brings Charotte Stein, synonyms and a triple threat of saucy books...

The first time I 'met' Charlotte Stein she made me LOL. That's what I remember most. Seeing this
little black and white image and the LOLing. A long time has passed since then and Charlotte still surprises me on a regular basis with some off-the-cuff remark online that makes me laugh. Oh, and she's a hell of a writer, too. Penning one of my favorite erotic novels ever~ Control.

She's offering up three of her books and man, that is a amazing. Or to quote Charlotte: "Amazeballs".

Yesterday's winner chose bn100! AR Von will be in touch! :)



When I first started out as a published writer, one of my role models was Sommer. I used to
look at her shelf of published works on her blog and dream of one day having something like
that. She inspires with her writing, her talent, her work ethic, and though I now have a shelf
of my own I still look to her as everything a writer and a human being should be. And that’s
why I am here today – not to promo my own work, but to celebrate Sommer. Nine years of
being fabulous, of inspiring, and lovely.

You are amazing Sommer.

May you continue to be for another nine(ty) years.

If you would like to win an ebook bundle from me in honour of Sommer’s special celebration, just answer this simple question in comments:

“How fantastic is Sommer Marsden?”

Hint: all synonyms of very or extremely will be accepted! Oh and the bundle includes:
Almost Real, Control and Sheltered.

Note from Sommer: *Please remember to leave your email in your comment so we can contact you if you win (today's prize or the grand prize!). You can't win if we can't contact you. And that would make me do this: :(


  1. Sommer Marsden is more fantastic than getting a chocolate cake served to me by a gorgeous naked man flanked by four Shiba Inu dogs. And yeah, to me, that's pretty fantastic.

    jboydwrites at gmail dot com.

    1. That is a very specific definition of fantastic. Love it.

  2. Sommer Marsden is an extremely good writer. Her books are brimming with interesting characters, clever plot twists, and sexy action. She leaves her readers in a better place for having read her books! How fabulous is that?

    donnafisk at bellsouth dot net

  3. I wasn't going to play because I already won a treat but I can't seem to help myself. :)

    Sommer is amazingly, spectacularly fantastic in many ways. Not only does she write incredibly appealing characters working their way through their own damage, she does beautiful, light escape stuff, too. I LOVED Wanderlust. Best book ever. But I felt that way after I finished Learning to Drown, Calendar Girl, Boys Next Door and Restless Spirit, too And the Mighty Quinn for Pete's sake!

    And that's just her professional stuff. I don't know her at all, but reading her FB updates I think gives a glimpse into the kind of wife and mother she is which seems amazingly, spectacularly, fiercely awesome. I have more adverbs in the ready if you want. Have to use them somewhere. :)

  4. Sommer's literary versatility astounds me, and I'm very grateful for her efforts on behalf of pancreatic cancer research. It's a rarefied form of awesomeness, like a world where hockey players would disrobe mid-match and start making out on the ice. But, unlike that much-cherished scenario of mine, Sommer's prowess is real! (As is the greatness of Charlotte's CONTROL, by the way...)

    Trix, vitajex(At)Aol(Dot)com

  5. Absolutely fantastic

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  6. Oh stop! You all are making me blush. Okay, carry on...(*snort*!)

  7. Sommer's Divination Falls was the first shifter book I ever actually finished. I really don't like shifter books so to accomplish that feat, and leaving me wanting to read even more from her, she has to be the most totally awesome, shifter writer on the planet.


  8. Oh, that's a lovely cover for Almost Real. :) (same as always)

  9. Sommer is not only an amazing writer who can make you feel gritty, intense, passionate moments between real, flawed, messed-up people. And sometimes those real people are shapeshifters or zombie hunters, but that doesn't make them any less believable. On a personal level, Sommer is a strong, intelligent, obviously loving woman who's dealing with difficult times with far more grace than I can imagine showing. In short, Sommer rocks.


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