Saturday, March 1, 2014

It's Kickoff Day! Weekend Prize Pack! Fun-fun-fun! Lots of these~~~~>!!!!!

When I started writing a billion years ago (okay, 9) I never thought I'd know a lot of other writers. Let alone enough to fuel a 30 day prize extravaganza to celebrate my "birthday".

I'm so excited to have so many on board. And there were so many I couldn't ask because there are only so many days to play. But I feel very lucky to have 'met' so many great writers, editors, readers and friends. My online family is the bomb!

Now onto the non-mushy stuff. This is a simple month of fun. Every day there will be a "door prize" from one of my friends. Every time you comment here on the blog (*please leave your email addy in your comment so I can contact you if you win!) on their post you not only get a chance for that day's prize but your name goes in for a drawing for my final grand prize which will include, among other things, a $50 Amazon Gift Card from me.

Today I kick off with a small prize pack that I call the Weekend Prize Pack. Everything you could need to wile away the weekend. A copy of Violet Blue's most current Best Women's Erotica 2014 (not just for women, don't ya know), a mustache journal, some candles and some playing cards.

Might I suggest reading to one another from BWE '14 by candlelight and then journaling your encounter before a round of naked War or Bridge? No? Okay, well you can figure it out.

I'm so happy to kick off my birthday. Comment for a chance to win today's prize and to earn a chance for the grand prize. I've put other ways to earn EXTRA CHANCES at the bottom. Whenever you do any of those things your name goes in the pot. No matter how many you choose to do. Your chances to earn are unlimited!

Come back tomorrow for my guest Katie Salidas. She does vampires...among many, many other things. :)

Big Fat P.S. The party's also on Facebook. It's a public event so stop by! 

March 1 Kickoff! Sommer
           2   Katie Salidas
           3    Willsin Rowe
           4 A.R. Von
           5 Charlotte Stein
           6 Bronwyn Green
           7 Rose Caraway
           8 Alison Tyler
           9 Teresa Noelle Roberts
         10 Selena Kitt
         11 Kiki Howell
         12 Giselle Renarde
         13 Victoria Blisse
         14 K.D. Grace
         15 Lucy Felthouse
         16 Justine Elyot
         17 Lynn Townsend
         18 Cora Zane
         19 Intermission
         20 Kristina Wright
         21 Tamsin Flowers
         22 Sacchi Green
         23 Tenille Brown 
         24 Lily Harlem
         25 S.A. Meade
         26 Abi Aiken
         27 Brien Michaels
         28 Grand Prize drawing!

How to play:

*Every time you comment on a blog post (in the blog comment section) you earn a chance to win that day's prize AND you get a chance at the grand prize. *please leave your email addy in your comment so I can contact you if you win!

*Every time you Retweet on Twitter or Share my party info on Facebook you earn a chance at the grand prize.

*Every time you mention the shindig on Twitter with #9YearsofSommer you get a chance at the grand prize.

*Every time you mention this shindig on Facebook and tag me (meaning use my name so I will see it) you get a chance at the grand prize.

*If you review and/or rate one of my books during the month of March send me a link and that will get you a chance at the grand prize.


  1. Nine years, that's a heck of an accomplishment!

  2. Thanks Lynn! Can you leave me your email addy in case you win? I forgot to put that on the blog. But I've edited :) Thanks for commenting!

  3. Congrats on 9 years. What an anniversary!

    Every anniversary I've celebrated we had to discuss which date to choose (do we count the gap when we broke up for a couple months, or start from when we got together? Is it the first date or the first time we had sex or when we met?) How are you measuring this one? From the first story you wrote? First publication date? Or something else entirely?


  4. First sale. March 5th 2005 :) To a now deceased site called Ruthie's Club. It was supposed to be one story but they accepted the one and the next line in the email said: Do you have any more? LOL :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Congrats on 9 years, here is to many more!

  6. Congrats on 9 years! I'm still amazed at how prolific you are. Despite everything. It's kind of an inspiration. I think it was about 5 years ago when I "met" you at Alison Tyler's blog. Erotica authors are the most supportive and encouraging type of writers I've come across. Here's to wishing you many many many more prolific years. :)


    (and you know where to find me)

  7. Congrats on 9 years and an amazing body of work!!

  8. congrats!

  9. Congrats on 9 years, Sommer!

  10. Quite the accomplishment, and thank you so much for including us! (So, I assume you have the mustache knee socks, then...)


  11. Thanks for stopping in, everyone :D

    And no, Anon, I don't. But I did buy a pair of argyles with 'staches on them for my son for Christmas. is one of my addictions :D


  12. Happy anniversary!

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  13. I just reviewed GRITTY: ROUGH EROTIC FICTION here:

    --Trix, vitajex(at)Aol(dot)com

  14. Congrats on 9 years. I'm looking forward to many more years and books :)


  15. Um, you put more into this than I could ever imagine. :) Very impressive. And its a power of two, so that's even more awesome.

  16. Congratulations! Divination Falls was my very first shifter series : )


  17. Hello darling! (Yeah, I know I'm doing this all ass-backwards - but then again, that's to be expected of me!)

    Happy Anniversary - birthday - "born" day. Whatever you're calling it, keep on celebrating and I'll continue to be grateful. :D *grin* (although if it's not a birthday, does this mean we can't give you spankings?)

  18. Congratulations on 9 years!


  19. Happy "birthday" and thanks for the party


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