Friday, April 25, 2014

It's Day 1 of the TAC blog tour with Alison Tyler and "Nicknames are like secrets"

The Accidental Cougar is out! I'm so beside myself from happiness. No shit. Look, there I am...right next to me ;) It's up on Amazon and All Romance Ebooks and Excessica and Barnes and Noble and...

Well, you get the picture.

Alison Tyler is my first stop and I talk about how nicknames are kind of like secrets. Plus, how and why I adore the nickname Charlie gives Abbey in TAC.

You'll see some AMAZING art work by girl child, my artist in residence. Seriously, she's getting some massive kudos in her art endeavors and you'll see why. Andddddd there's a link for a free read of mine that I didn't even know about. As usual, Alison Tyler has hooked you up.

Oh, yeah, you could win a deck of cards! I better go before I think of something else to say.

Wait, I did think of something else to say: If you're interested in Abbey and Charlie and their smoking-hot, budding romance follow one of the links below! :)

Tomorrow...Teresa Noelle Roberts!



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  1. Ok, so far I'm on time. :P But of course you know me, I'll be playing catch up - running after the blog train, waving my hat and dragging my suitcase.

    1. Funnily enough...I can picture this vividly! :) LOL


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