Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New stuff, cool stuff, coming stuff...

Okay! I am smushing all the things into this blog! Woohoo!

New Stuff. New stuff is The Accidental Cougar comings out Friday from Excessica and my blog tour starts with Alison Tyler. Awesome!

Cool Stuff! I'm on A.M. Hartnett's blog with the origin story of Lost in You. Complete with pictures and the inside scoop on the person Dorian Martin is based on. It was a fun blog to write and a bit bittersweet too. Thanks to A.M. for having me!

Coming Stuff! Oh my god...behold! My novella Crossroads (originally published in Other Magical Creatures by Torquere Press) will be out at the end of May from Excessica. And I cannot swoon enough over the cover done for me by Willsin Rowe. He is the baddest of cover badasses. Thanks, Willsin!



  1. Yay! Lots of fun Sommer stuff!!

  2. I lurve makin' covers for you, milady. You're so easy! *cough* Uh, what I meant was...uh...

  3. Shh. My easy-ness is supposed to be a secret! :D


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