Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Snog: plump with desire...

Hey...he kisses her wrist. Don't judge me. (I chose this excerpt because it is just plump with desire. And who can resist that?)
It's Sunday Snog time and I'm here with just a tiny little taste of my soon-to-be-released The Accidental Cougar! I'm so excited for this book I can hardly stand myself. It's out April 25th from Excessica. Happy Sunday...
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“I didn’t say yes,” I whispered.
“You didn’t say no,” he said, touching my hand but only briefly.
“Why?” I asked. Because I simply had to know.
He shrugged, coming around to stand in front of me again. His jeans were low on his hips. Not too tight, not too loose. And God, how I wanted to see them off him. “Because I want to see you. I want to touch you. Smell you. Kiss you…”
He was mesmerizing. I felt hypnotized. The snake to his charmer. The nail to his magnet. The dog to his whistle. The last fleeting thought made me laugh.
“That’s funny?” he asked, cocking his head. But he seemed amused, not offended.
“No.” I shook my head. “My own panicked thoughts are amusing.”
“Come on. I swear to you. No sex. Think of it as an appetizer. In fact,” he wound his fingers through mine and heat seared along my skin. It was like being burned in the most luscious and sensual way. “I promise you that if—no, when—you want that sex you’re so dead set against, I won’t let you. I will, in fact, turn you down.”
Now I was laughing in earnest. “Oh, yeah?”
He turned my hand in his and kissed the underside of my wrist. The skin there was fragile and sensitive and the pressure of his lips was nearly overwhelming. Just talking to him, watching his body language and hearing his voice, had me panting slightly. Wanting a kiss. Wanting him to touch me. Christ, wanting so much more and then some.

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  1. HOT STUFF. Ok, I'm almost done with everything I owe everyone. This is NEXT on my list.


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