Friday, May 2, 2014

Day 7 of TAC tour is Jade A. Waters and "Vulnerable is a scary word..."

I had 'premature Enter-ation'. I hit enter and posted a blank blog, but I'm back! Here I am for real to say: Day 7 is upon us and it's at Jade A. Waters' blog! So excited to be on her blog. She's suck a sweetie. But I digress (what's new, right?). Today's topic is vulnerability and today's snippet is a Jennifer 8 inspired party scene from Accidental book 1. (There are gonna be 3 dontchaknow).

Stop by if you get a moment. Go HERE. Tomorrow I'm at Coffee Fueled Erotica with a fun Q&A session. And that will be the least leg of the tour. ;)

p.s. It's Friday! Party on, Garth!

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