Wednesday, May 21, 2014 behind!

I owe a great thanks to CJ Lemire for having me to his blog the other day...Tada! With an excerpt involving nimples (Okay, so it's nipples but that's how my kids once said it...out loud...VERY LOUDLY! the grocery store. So they've been nimples forever since.) Go HERE to check it out.

Also, Tada! The Accidental Cougar is out in print, my friends. How awesome is that? Go HERE if you want it on your RL bookshelf.! Today I am at Angell Brooks' joint as the most recent pseudo blog tour stop. Thanks, as always, to Angell for having me. I can't remember what I'm talking about over there (are you surprised?) but you can go HERE to find out for yourself.

Then someone come tell me...

p.s. Stay tuned for more updates. And a print book out on Friday. And a new book out on the 30th and...*gasp*.

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