Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sexy Denial and Dirty Paperbacks and Book Recs, oh my!

Here I am again, a day late and a dollar short. Well, probably more than a dollar if you examined my finances but you know what I mean!

Yesterday was a stop at the amazing Victoria Blisse's blog for my pseudo blog tour for Poster Boy for Average. I talk about how denial can be a lovely thing. That's right. You heard me...

Go HERE to see what the hell I'm talking about.

And...drum roll...yesterday was the release day for Dirty Magic! My new print book from Ellora's Cave is a compilation of the short novel Dirty or Die and the novella Automagically. It's a whole lot of sexy paranormal sandwiched inside a smoking hot paperback cover. Perfect beach reading if I do say so myself.

Happy Saturday. I'm about to do my ritual Saturday morning errands with girl child and then I think I shall continue reading the great book I started late last night. Maybe I should tell you about my evening reading...

Around 9 I finished Game by Barry Lyga which I highly recommend. The I Hunt Killers series is awesome. Girl child got me hooked. I read the first book (I Hunt Killers), waited impatiently for her to finish Game after it arrived in the mail. And upon finishing it I immediately downloaded Lucky Day the ebook just to give me a fix while we wait for book three.

I am saving the ebook for when I start to get twitch. So I started Cradle Lake by Ronald Malfi last night at around 11. So far, I'm digging it. The opening bits are reminiscent of the opening to Pet Sematary to me. (Please, no one correct my spelling. Every time I mention that book in print people try to slyly correct my spelling to Cemetery. So I recommend they check out the book cover. The spelling is supposed to indicate a child's spelling. But somehow no one every notices it's spelled wrong on the book. Just that I spelled it wrong! LOL ;) )


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  1. WOO! Congrats on Dirty Magic Sommer! And sounds like I should be adding a few books to my TBR list. And yes, I almost corrected your spelling, having never actually read Pet Cematary. (Don't shoot!) It's on the list.


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