Saturday, June 7, 2014

A New Reader's Guide to Me

I got another one today. Another what? Another email that said basically "I read your story in ___anthology X___ and really liked it. What book do you recommend I start with from your list?" That's paraphrasing to protect the innocent, but beleive it or not, I get a lot of these emails and I thought...duh. Why not give people and idea of what they'd like depending on...well, what they already like!?

Why I have not thought of this before I do not know. I'm a bit slow on the uptake at times. So here we go:

For the Super Romantical Type Person:

Poster Boy for Average. A lot of my romantics love this book. They also love that it's a no b.s. love story. No bells, or whistles or trickery. Just a love story.

Lost in You. My newest from HarperCollins Mischief Books is a romance story through and through. I was asked to write a romance heavy novel with 'lighter language' and jumped at the chance/challenge. So if some of the racier words put you on edge, you'll like this one. Don't get me wrong, you'll still get heaping spoonfuls of sex...just more delicately worded if you will.

Restricted Release. Not a conventional love story but definitely a highly romantic love story with a twist. Loads of sex, explicit, and all that good stuff but heavy on emotion and the feels. I love this one. Unabashedly.

For the Sex Lover:

The Accidental Cougar. Fun. Not overly complicated. Read in two settings kind of book with lots of sex. Good stuff! I love it. But ya know...I'm biased.

Wanderlust. I put this out myself. It was a novel I happened to write 'live'. A blog post every day for...I have no idea how many days. What it turned into was the longest novel I ever wrote. 88,000 words I think. Road trip, family dysfunction, the bad boy (shorn and growly), the girl who wants to find herself. Bondage and angst and cross country travel, oh my!

Calendar Girl. One girl, twelve months, a new lover each month. I can't even begin to tell you how much I have adored this book from day one. Oh, and let's not forget some drag queens. How can you forget the drag queens?

Sex, Sex, Sex...:

This category is called that because I've actually gotten some reviews that say "Just sex, sex, sex..." Some people meant it as a positive, others not so much. But if that's your thing then...

Boys Next Door. Three men, one woman, maximum passion. 'Nuff said.

Restless Spirit. Three men want her, only one can truly possess her. Again...that sums it up!

Learning to Drown. Two men--brothers--one girl with a need to be dominated. Will she belong to both of them or will one win out over the other? Gasp! I can't wait to find out.

Some Magic with Your Sex:

The paranormal category!

Dirty Magic. Just out (only in paperback) from Ellora's Cave. Contains two favorites. The novel Dirty or Die and the novella Automagically. One's a haunted house, one's sister witches. What's not to love?

Under My Skin. A novella about undying love and ghostly closure.

Crossroads. An extravaganza of demons, shifter and witches, oh my!! Just out from Excessica but originally appeared in Other Magical Creatures.

Quick! Before the Zombies Come!

That's right. I have a zombie trilogy. Don't worry. The people are having the sex, not the undead. The trilogy consists of a lot of drama, killing, danger, weapons and plenty of sex (M/F and M/M and M/F/M/M if you must know). The trilogy is We Kill Dead Things, No Guilt and Lunatic Fringe. (Note: all three are available in a single paperback volume "Zombie Exterminators")

Then as an extra special bonus there's the dystopian sorta a zombie novel Hollow Men. *Please note that Hollow Men is a stand alone novel. You do not have to read the entire new reality line to understand any of the novels in the line.

M/M Lovers:

My Divination Falls trilogy should wet your whistle. It does fall in the category of paranormal as well. The books are: Lion Hearted, Beast in Me and Kiss Me, You Animal.

My favorite M/M that is not paranormal is Blank. It was written a long time ago but still holds a special place in my heart. Full of fear, anger and ultimately redemption I still love it beyond words.

I think I've covered most of it. If you think of anything I missed shoot me an email. But these are my official recs if you are just starting to read me. And if you're just starting to read me...hey...THANKS!



  1. Happy to say that I have read - and re-read - most of these *blushing because I'm so far behind on reviews*. And I love everything I've read. :D I'm always eagerly anticipating new releases from you!! MWAH.

  2. Great job compiling a list for new readers to find other books to read. Sometimes it can be hard to find that next great read. It's great to see all kinds of romance recommended here. Do you have a favorite genre within romance to read?


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