Monday, July 28, 2014

Guest Post: Alison Tyler and Those Boys (yay!)

So, the man was super nice and got up and did all the things himself, though it's hard for him to do that, and let me sleep. And now...I am panicking! I think my days of being a late-ass sleeper inner are gone, baby, gone. Sad face ~~~~> :(

So here I am late, late, late for posting Alison Tyler's guest blog about her new book Those Boys. Better late than never, though, right? At least that's what they tell me.

p.s. check back later. I'm hoping to post some of AMST. Fingers crossed.


The Long and the Short of It
By Alison Tyler

I play with words.

Assign me a 50-word story, and I will edit and hone and peel away until I’m satisfied.

Give me 85,000, and I will come in at one under.

See how I was getting a little nervous as I edged toward the max word count? I’d add. I’d cut. My edits were a dance on a thin wire—always pushing my balancing capabilities without going over. (I write without a net.)

I can’t remember my first novella. In fact, I don’t even know what officially “makes” a novella. I’ve written five for Harlequin, one for Avon Red and two for Go Deeper. I’ve penned longer short stories—like “Junking” in Liaisons and “The Game” in Blue Sky Sideways. But publishers offer different definitions of the novella length—one of my earliest publishers considered a novel to be 55K. Recently, I read guidelines for a publisher who considers that to be novella.

“Those Boys” is a 10-k stand alone. The story told me when to start and when to end. This is a snippet of life with Sandy, Vanessa, and Rem—what happened at the beginning of their ménage. Right now, I am working on a novel about Sandy. For this part of the story, I need more words. This is no quick dip in a hot tub. This is a swim in an Olympic-length pool—deep turquoise water, ripples of silver.

I hope that readers will take a ride with my characters for the long—and the short—of their journey.


Alison Tyler is the author of Giving In, Tied Up & Twisted, A Taste of Chi, The Perfect Girl, and Cuffing Kate (all novellas for Harlequin), It’s Not the Weather (Avon Red—as part of Bedding Down), and Those Boys and Those Girls (Go Deeper Press). Visit her at for longer posts and follow her on for the short of it.

Buy Those Boys HERE and at your other favorite online retailers.
Check out more from Alison Tyler HERE.

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  1. Oh my. I can't wait to read Those Boys. It's actually going to be my treat to myself this weekend. Of course, I'm going to have to re-read Those Girls first. Man, it's a hard life right? :P


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