Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Ever Popular 2 Second Attention Span...

So this morning's bonus was boy child woke and could not move his head from a very stiff neck. So he's in pain and I'm thinking a lot anxious. The fact that he felt he was adding to my burden/stress didn't help. So now he's at the doc with my mom, I'm juggling two phones and trying to stay on top of what the man needs. Om...If you see me posting little poster thingydoos on social media it's because I cannot write. Can't focus. Apologies to my AMST readers. :( So believe it or not formatting--which is normally mind-numbing and awful--becomes soothing and things like making little posters pleases my 2 second attention span. I've also found that Pinterest is the crack of the internet world when you can't think straight and have nothing clever to actually say aloud. It's just scroll-scroll-scroll-pin. *repeat*

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