Thursday, August 7, 2014

We Interrupt This Previously Scheduled Dirty Novel for a Rant...

Please check back tomorrow for the continuation of A Many Splintered Thing. (I hope). I just got back from swimming and hanging out with my sister-in-law, niece, nephew and girl child. I'm pooped. But I did post this on Facebook this morning before I left. Because sometimes I wonder about people...for real.

See you tomorrow. I hope to sleep like a log tonight given how bone weary tired I feel already. But now on to trying to figure out/scrounge dinner. :)


Maybe it's because I'm having a bad day right out of the gate. I've already asked the question: Do I need to take you to the hospital? today. So, I know my vision might be skewed. But I see these "news stories" on line and they make me wonder why I bother coming onto "social media" or more aptly, at times, "antisocial media". I know the answer. I have some amazing friends on here whose generosity, talent and kindness out shadows stories like "Man Buys Every Pie at Local Burger King to Spite Shitty Little Brat". Wow. That is SOME NEWS! Actually, that is internet news. That is the kind of thing most people would never have done or even thought to do had they not had a 24/7 open window of people willing to comment on how awesome they are for doing something so...childish. Let's consider this shitty little brat. I think of my nephew who is the sweetest, kindest, most good hearted little guy I know. He's also ADD and Asperger's. He melts down. Colossally sometimes. And he can't help it. And they're teaching him to try and control it and he DOES THE BEST HE CAN. You don't know someone's circumstances, you fuckwit (not you, the general fuckwit) and you'd do well to remember that considering one year the union of you and your husband/wife may produce one "Shitty Little Brat" aka a child with issues who needs some understanding. Do I know that was the case here? Nope. Could it have been? Yep. So how about we cut each other a little fucking slack instead of acting like an asshole and then reporting to the internet how clever you are. With that, I'm going to turn off the computer, go swim with my loving, challenged nephew and my sister-in-law and the girls while my son holds down the fort here so I can go do something "Normal" at the insistence of my husband. I hope that guy is one day in a position where he needs something to diffuse a situation and the clever motherfucker in front of him takes it away to show what a kick ass cool guy he is. I know that's wrong with the whole Buddhist thing I'm attempting, but I am human. Om, motherfuckers.

photo credit: Sommer Marsden 2014 photo challenge "Buddha's Shadow"

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  1. Yup. As a parent of one of those kids... I totally agree. Also as a person with compassion. Will Wheaton's 'Don't be a Dick' rule is a good one.

    Try to turn off the seething mass of humanity we have to encounter on the net - never read the comments, don't click on the click bait links. It's hard, but I bet the world would feel like a better place if we resisted.

    Hope you get some rest x


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