Monday, September 29, 2014

A few things...

Coming soon! (heh. Get what I did there? Coming?). My free smut giveaway offering will be the first zombie exterminator book We Kill Dead Things. You could win a hot-hot erotic romance with some kick ass characters, with a threesome, m/m, m/f and zombies included. For the low-low price of nothing. Check out SMUTober for your chance to win.

Second thing: Quinn (The Mighty Quinn) is selling well and thank you so so much. You have no idea what this book means to me. I think it was my very first full length erotic romance. Due to some formatting shifts I had to read the entire book again and found myself laughing and enjoying it as if I hadn't written it (it came out five years ago and I haven't touched it since). Which, as a writer, rarely happens and is always a treat! Quinn and her faithful sidekick Frenchy even hit #98 on the paid erotic humor list in the UK yesterday. Print copies are now available:

The Mighty Quinn in print US
The Mighty Quinn in print UK

Thank you, thank you if you are buying and reading. The 'reboot' of this book is so wonderful from the cover to a bit of tweaking in the book itself to the fact that I will be able, this time, to get print copies to hold in my hot little hands. And bonus. Look what Willsin Rowe made me :)


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  1. That cover is GORGEOUS. And so...what's the word I'm looking for...spunky? I think that's it.

    I'm just waiting to have enough in my account before ordering the print version. If I can get enough gift cards, paying for shipping doesn't seem so bad. :D And I want it in print. Need that glossy cover to stand out on my shelf.



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