Friday, September 26, 2014

Long time no post...

I just have a moment and I wanted to post that the re-release of The Mighty Quinn is out and she's popping up everywhere. The redo cover is by Willsin Rowe and I am in love with it. Quinn (and Frenchy ;) ) can be found at the following sites so far:

All Romance Ebooks

Coming soon to print. The print cover was also Willsin Rowe and I looooove the back.

 Here are some reviews of Quinn...

And while I have you, this little ditty is coming in December. A fun, romantic holiday tale. Cover by...can you guess?...Willsin Rowe!

On a personal front, things here are good sometimes, bad sometimes and utterly awful at times. As usual, I appreciate every single email, tweet, post etc supporting us. I am so appreciative of the erotic community's efforts on our behalf in the Snog for Sommer that just ended and all the previous fundraising activities. I plan to, at a future date, sit and do a full blog to let people know exactly how and how MUCH they have helped our family during this illness. It will have to be a long, well thought out blog which is why I haven't done it yet. Not to mention rather emotional, I'm sure. I have a lot to say about how much my heart has been touched by you all. So please check back for that in the near future.

Happy weekend.

Much love,

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