Tuesday, September 30, 2014

the positive spin...

So, there's an enormous amount of negative bullshit in the publishing industry at the moment. Right now in the ebook (primarily) trade. I've kept silent about the main drama that's sweeping the internet because I basically was unaffected personally. I had had a good experience. Up until last night, that is.

I won't go into it. Quite frankly my life has enough actual drama and sadness and heartache at the moment to get on here and shoot off my mouth and beat my drum about bad treatment from a publisher. Instead of telling you which of my books I prefer you *not* buy (I'm sure you are savvy enough to figure that out) I'm posting a few books from some of my other brilliant publishers I hope you'll consider buying if you're looking to read me.

That's my positive spin.

My other positive spin is, given the current state of affairs with some publishers, I plan to publish a lot more indie stuff in the near future. I've found an amazing editor I can afford and I have the magnificent Willsin Rowe by my side for those covers everyone loves so much. I am going to invest in *myself* a lot more in the future instead of taking the poor share of a cover price and not being treated fairly or ethically (again, I have some fabulous publishers. This is not a blanket statement by any means).

I hope you'll continue to read me no matter how I go about getting those books out!

In the meantime, if you're new to my work, or if you're looking for your next read, start here...

The Mighty Quinn (contemporary/humor) from Excessica
Crossroads (paranormal M/M/F) from Excessica
Learning to Drown (BDSM) from Excessica
Angry Sex (contemporary) from Excessica
The Accidental Cougar (contemporary/humor/May/December) from Excessica

Lost in You (contemporary erotic romance) from HarperCollins Mischief
Boys Next Door (contemporary erotic romance M/M, M/F, and M/M/F themes) from HarperCollins Mischief

Wanderlust from December Ink

Sommer <3


  1. It's truly an honour to be with you on the journey, Sommer. And it's so very "you" to put aside the crap and focus on the good. Many hugs and things...

  2. I know which ones to (currently) avoid - which sucks, but I think I have copies of the main ones anyway.

    You are the best investment. And who knows - if I ever finish this darn publishing certificate, I might be looking for talent for MY new publishing house...only I'm not sure I could afford you. :P

    Seriously, you're worth it. xoxo

    PS - and with Wilsin's covers - *sigh and swoon* - you're on your way to the top sunshine!


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