Tuesday, September 9, 2014


So Thursday/Friday this happened:

After a rousing game of 'how-many-paramedics can fit in my living room' the man was taken to the hospital last night via ambulance. There were various issues. He was admitted and resting fairly comfortably, given his type of cancer, when he sent me home to the kids at midnight. True to form I was a total stone statue during the flurry of chaos and fearsome activity. Also true to form, once admitted and we were sitting in a nice quiet soothing room together I lost my shit. True to *his* form he turned me and said. "What's wrong? Why are you crying?" 0_o Anyway, headed back out to him soon, all good thoughts and wishes much appreciated. 
I apologize for the continued delay on AMST. I think it's time for me to admit that might drift to a stop for a bit now. Now that I've said it, of course, my mind will probably make a liar of me very soon. Which is fine by me.
I seem to be working just fine on shorts right now. Which is good in a way, because it's allowing me to work on my next single author collection that contains all new stories for readers. My brain, my emotions, my soul, if you will, can follow short plot lines and looks at shorter work as a joy and a break. Longer works not so much. I've always been a steady writer. Long work, short work, in between. But my fear is my plotlines might suffer if I just push forward on the longer stuff. I can't track copious amounts of info at the moment. The second ten o'clock hits now I am unconscious. Sitting up, lying down, standing on my head...My body shuts me down fast and hard because my days are up-down-up-down and go-go-go. 
That being said, I'm not tanking AMST. I'm just pressing the pause button. I've done the same on The Accidental book 2 and the horror novel I was writing as myself. All of my focus is on getting The Mighty Quinn out in reprint soon and working on shorts and just...managing.
I know my readers and I know exactly what you're all going to say, but I'm apologizing because I'm sorry to let it go for now. But the story I've started, I think, deserves to be played out as well as I am able. And I don't feel very able at the moment.
Much love,

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  1. Sommer, I'm awed that you can write at all.

    But very glad, because I love your stories.

    Drop by my blog tomorrow; I've got a kiss for you.



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